Monday, February 27, 2017

Reflection On The Color of Water Chapters 24,25,Epologue

"I never knew how suck he was"(254). I feel like that is a huge part in why it is so hard for her to give up the church because so many things don't go her way and she wants to b the one that takes responsibility for it and she can't. "It took many years to find our who she was partly because I never knew who I was"(261). You can figure out who you are but if you can't do that and you trying to help someone else it is so though to do. "I had to find out more about who I was, and in order to find out who I was, I had to find out who my mother was"(266). I think when he is finding himself he is also finding out how his mom was raised too." My own life was rebuilt"(270). I find that very interesting because the more he finds out about his mom the more he really understands his life. "After the trip, she and Frances picked up where their high school friendship left off and remain close today"(274). He helped his mom face her past than run away from it."Mommy has created her own nation"(277). It all started because she left her life behind to make a better life for her kids and that is what he is finding out.


Chris G. said...

I think your right the son didn't know who he was so this memoir was as much a self discovery as it was a tribute to his mother.

Andrew Erker said...

I like your way of using quotes to reflect, but not in a table form. It seems flowing and it fits together. You have very interesting takes on this