Tuesday, March 24, 2009

San Diego Day Three

Today I went to a lighthouse and to tide pools and the beach. I went on a big roller coaster at Belmont Park at the beach. Then we came back to the hotel and I went swimming in the pool. Everything was fun today, especially the beach because it had a playground. Here are some pictures.


I went to Legoland yesterday. It was really fun because there were lots of rides. For example the rides were like roller coasters and water stuff and where you sit in these seats and you bounce. Those are some of the rides that I went on.

I also went to Birch’s Aquarium. I got to touch a lobster and a lot of other stuff, too.

Here are some pictures.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

San Diego Zoo

My family and I went to the San Diego Zoo today. My favorite parts were riding the bus, seeing all the animals (especially the Pandas), and riding Skyfari. Skyfari is these metal baskets on wires and they go up above the zoo and you ride and look down at animals, people and scenery. And my Mom really likes the plants at the Zoo so I’m going to put some pictures of them.

I also went to the Fleet Science Museum and I really liked playing with these circles that spin with sand on them and you can make all kinds of designs.

Here are some pictures.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Poem for Ms. MaKayla and Mr. Philip

Merrick is cute and cuddly
Anything you could possibly be
As a baby boy.
He gets really mad sometimes but
His Mom and Dad fix it up.
I know his Mom and Dad work very hard
But sometimes it's hard.
Everybody gets to hold Merrick.
Merrick really likes being held.
So sweet.
He doesn't stay awake very long.
But now he can stay awake much longer than he could do when he was just born.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Blowing Out the Candles on Skype

We went out to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes and when we got home we Skyped both of my grandma and grandpas so they could help my Mommy and Daddy sing happy birthday to me and watch me blow out the candles on my birthday cake.

Trip to the Zoo

I went to the zoo today and here is a slideshow of some pictures I took (and a few my Mom and Dad took) at the zoo.

9th Birthday

Here are some pictures of me opening my presents for my birthday yesterday.