Thursday, February 16, 2017

Reflection Color of Water Chapters 12,13,14

"He married her and made the baseball team his own, adding four more kids to make it twelve"(118). I think that it is interesting because I always feel that I am missing something. "Daddy's favorite was Walter, the most fun-loving and gregarious of his brothers"(121).  That is really interesting to me because he refers to them as by their first names not uncle so maybe he doesn't see them as uncles he just sees Hunter Jordan as dad. "He'd had a stoke"(126). That shocks me because was it the stress of not being able to be in Brooklyn or what. It would be hard for you to come back from and that is how he died. "My mother knew I was pregnant and in trouble"(129). Sometimes you need someone to help you and they just can't. " She made a few phone calls,  found a Jewish doctor in Manhattan , and took me to his office where I had an abortion"(134). I feel like that symbolizes to that is starting really let go of her past." I failed everything"(138). I think that day was hard for him because needed a dad figure in his life and he just didn't have it anymore."I was numb"(141). That is interesting he is kinda going though the same things that his mom did at his age."I can't forget it"(149). Chicken man is giving him advise that he wishes he would have taken when he was James age.

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