Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Great Gatsby Chapter 9

"I found myself Gatsby's side and alone"(Page 164). I think that Nick feel that Gatsby needs his help now because Gatsby has helped him so much. "Mr. Gatsby's dead" (Page 166). I think that it interesting that is how they tell us that Gatsby is dead. "I didn't know how to reach you"( Page 167). That is interesting because I think that they are all nervous. "But I know he's there" (Page 170). That is interesting because he has to try so hard because nobody believes him that Gatsby is the one that he is representing. "You were his closest friend, so I know you'll come to his funeral this afternoon." (Page 171). Why would Mr. Wolfsheim do that? "It just shows you"(Page 173). I am not sure what he is looking for still because what does it really show you? "Daisy hadn't sent a message a flower" (Page 174). So does Daisy still not know what Wilson did to Gatsby or is she with Tom now? "After Gatsby's death the East was haunted for me like that, distorted beyond my eyes' power of correction" (Page 176). That is interesting that he wants to leave because all it is bad memories now. "I told him the truth" (Page 178). I find interesting that he is so frustrated when Gatsby is out of the picture now. "Gatsby believed in that green light" (Page 180). Now that light was out.

Monday, March 20, 2017

The Great Gatsby Chapter 8

"Go away old sport"(Page 148). I think that part of is that he can't leave Daisy and that he can't leave because he is in love with her and he would do anything for her. "What was the use of doing great things if I could have a better time telling her what I was going to do?"(Page 150).  I feel as though he feels guilty because of that. "She wanted her life shaped now"(Page 151). I think that she was desperate and need something then and Tom was the one that could give it to her at that time. "I don't think she ever loved him"(Page 152). I find that very interesting because he wants her very badly now. "You're worth the whole damn bunch put together" (Page 154). That is a interesting compliment that you would not just give anybody. "I've left Daisy's house"(Page 155). I think that Jordan need to get out because of what she and Nick had to watch between Daisy and Tom and Gatsby. "He murdered her"(Page 158). I think that George thinks that it is Tom. "So by that time he knew Gatsby's name" (Page 160). I find that interesting that he is waiting and searching for Gatsby. "But they knew then, I firmly believe" (Page 161). I find that a little weird that they make us assume what happened at the end of this chapter.

The Great Gatsby Chapter 7

"It was when curiosity about Gatsby was at its highest that the lights failed to go on one Saturday night"(Page 113). That is interesting because that shows that a light just went on in his head as well in the house. "Daisy comes over quite often in the afternoon" (Page 114). That is weird because now she really does impress him and she likes him a lot. "That that's Tom's girl on the telephone." (Page 116). So now we find out that Tom has more then one affair. "She had told him that she loved him, and Tom Buchanan saw"(Page 119). That doesn't sound like it is going to end well for Daisy or Gatsby. "The suggestion was distasteful to Gatsby" (Page 121). That is weird because that is not something that we would do in today's time. "Daisy invited him; she knew him before we were married-God knows where!"(Page 122). That is so interesting and now Tom is really upset with everyone because of Daisy's affairs. "In the sunlight his face was green."(Page 123). That is very interesting because green is anger. "Over the ash heaps the giant eyes of Doctor T.J Ecklebug kept their vigil, but I perceived, after a moment, that other eyes were regarding us with peculiar intensity from less than twenty feet away."(Page 124). That is interesting because the eyes are still watching them. "The day after he left Daddy died"(Page 127). That is interesting and gives us information on Jordan and what she shares. "I only stayed five months"(Page 129). That like Fitzgerald. "Your wife doesn't love you"(Page 130). That is a weird way to just come out and say that. "Once in a while I go off on a spree and make a fool of myself, but I always come back, and in my heart I lover all the time" (Page 131). That is a very weird thing to say when you want your wife to stay with you. "He looked-and this is said in all contempt for the babbled saner of his garden- as if he had "killed a man"(Page 134). That is weird because he is more observant than ever. "death car"(Page 137). That is so sad that it has to happen that way for the wife to die. "It was a yellow car"(Page 139). Was it Gatsby's car? "In a little while I heard a low husky sob, and saw that the tears were overflowing down his face"(Page 141). Tom has feeling now and he feel really bad for Mr. Wilson. "I could think of nothing except the luminosity of his pink suit under the moon"(Page 142). That is more weird that Gatsby is wearing pink. "Was Daisy driving?"(Page 143). So Daisy took Mrs. Wilson's life. "So I left him there in the moon light"(Page 145). Is that what is in the cover in the eyes?

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Great Gatsby Chapter 6

"Gatsby's notoriety, spread about by the hundreds who had accepted his hospitality and so become authorities upon his past"(Page 97). That is kinda like Fitzgerald life. "A few days later he took him to Duluth and bought him a blue coat, six pairs of whit duck trousers and a yachting cap"(Page 100). That is interesting that the colors are represented in that way. "But I felt an unpleasantness in the air, a pervading harshness that hadn't been before."(Page 104). I find that interesting because he is very observant. "Daisy and Gatsby danced"(Page 105). That seems like Fitzgerald. "Sometimes a shadow moved against a dressing room blind above, gave way to another shadow, an indefinite procession of shadows, that rouged and powdered in an invisible glass." (Page 107). The shadows are getting less and more visible because they are figuring stuff out. "He wanted nothing less of Daisy than that she should go to Tom and say: I never loved you."(Page 109). So Gatsby is trying to impress Daisy. "At his lips' touch she blossomed for him like a flower and the incarnation was complete. (Page 111). That is so interesting that Gatsby did impress Daisy that he came back.

The Great Gatsby Chapter 5

"Turning a corner, I saw that it was Gatsby's house, lit from tower to cellar"(Page 81). That is very interesting because what significant would the light hold? "It happens to be a rather confidential thing"(Page 83). Does that mean that Gatsby is still not sure what he wants to trust Nick with? "She turned her head as there was a light dignified knocking at the front door"(Page 86). That light is like the hope for him I think. "Daisy's embarrassed too."(Page 87). Nick does notice a lot of things about people and things. "But I lost most of it in the big panic-the panic of the war"(Page 90). So what did he spend it all on? "His bedroom was the simplest room of all- except where the dresser was garnished with a toilet set of pure dull gold" (Page 91). I think that is interesting because that is describing the color that Gatsby is associated with. "You always have a green light that burns all night at the end of your dock"(Page 92). That green light says that Gatsby can observe what he wants to. "The gray window disappeared as the house glowed full of light"(Page 94). That seems interesting because it is showing that there is hope coming for them.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Great Gatsby Chapter 4

"But I can still read the gray names"(Page 61). I think that the gray area is very important in this book. "Benny McClenahan arrived always with for girls"(Page 63). I feel that is kinda like Fitzgerald affairs."I had talked with him perhaps six times in the past month and found, to my disappointment, he had said very little"(Page 64). That is answering why Nick doesn't talk much. "My family all died and I came into a good deal of money"(Page 65). That explains his big house. "Then came the war, old sport. "It was a great relief, and I tried very hard to die." (Page 66). That is interesting because he didn't want to live. "I hadn't asked Jordan to tea in order to discuss Mr. Jay Gatsby"(Page 67). Gatsby has a weird way of doing things. "Then the valley of ashes opened out on both sides of us"(Page 68). That is going to become a big part of the book I think. "There was the smile again but his time I held out against it."(Page 71). I find that interesting is he going to try to figure out what the smile means. "Yeah, Gatsby very careful about women"(Page 72). That is definitely not like Fitzgerald. "I turned toward Mr. Gatsby, but he was no longer there"(Page 74). Where would he go to get away from Tom Buchanan? "It's a great advantage not to drink among hard-drinking people"(Page 77). That is very interesting because that is kinda like Fitzgerald. "He wants her to see his house"(Page 79). That is so interesting and kinda freaky.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Great Gatsby Chapter 3

"Sometimes they came and went without having met Gatsby at all"(Page 41). That is weird is his house just open? "I haven't even seen the host"(Page 47). That is interesting that he doesn't know what Gatsby looks like. "A din background started to take shape behind him, but at her next remark it faded away"(Page 49). That is very interesting because that is a weird description from Chapter 2 too."I wonder if he fact that he was not drinking helped set him off from his guests"(Page 50). Why is he not drinking is he just observing? "Most of the remaining women were now having fights with men said to be their husbands"(Page 51). That is a weird way to end the party. "I wasn't even trying"(Page 54). Why would they put that in there saying that he was not even trying? "I see I have given the impression that the events of three nights several weeks apart were all that absorbed me"(Page 55). He is starting to explain about his life. "She was incurably dishonest" (Page 58). That is weird because it seems like is observing like Gatsby.