Thursday, February 9, 2017

Reflection of Chapter 6,7,8

"I'm crying because I am happy" (50). I wonder if she did a lot things that her kids though was weird but also I think it is hard that she has lost two husbands as well and that got is one of the only things left. "God is the color of water."(51) I think that she is saying that he needs to figure out the color of water before he can figure out who God is. " When we got home, Mommy beat Billy's butt."(55) That is probably because she wants him to know how much god sacrificed for him. "That was the Klu Klux Klan riding though"(58) That is interesting to me because of how they acted about black people. "He trusted no one"(59). That is important because he didn't even trust his daughters. "Sam was his main target"(62). I get why she didn't like being a part of that family it doesn't seem fun at all."Not too long afterwards, the dean of Music and Art called our house and asked Ma why Helen was quitting school"(72). I feel that she was tired of the expectation for her. "She's not coming home Ma"(77). I think that they are all a little tired of trying to do anything with all 12 of them trying to run the house.

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