Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Reflection On Chapter 1 of Color of Water

I'm dead. What does that mean for him. Does he miss his mom. They want no parts of me and I don't want no parts of them so that mean that she wants to live in peace sometime I feel the same way because when you look at me I don't want to talk most the time. Like go interview my father. She is very irritated and wants to do something else. I was born on April Fools Day 1921 in Poland. That is a weird day to be born and still not be alive my grandparents are the old and they are still living today. She had to die for the rest of me to live that is like cancer where they have to make it die or it will attack the whole body. When I married your father they didn't approve of it they thought that you could do better. Why when someone makes you so happy why do they then go and tell you can't do that. He was as hard as a rock so nothing got to him and he would stay strong for his family. She had polio so that must make it really hard on her because she feels like she is not strong.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I Too

I too am trying to find myself my dreams. What do you want to be in your life? I love so many things how do I choose one? When you find something that you love you should go after it. Money doesn't matter what matters is that you are happy. You will find someone who is happy that you are you. Their is someone out there for you. You need to find people along the way that you want to be like. You strive to be like them. When you don't have that look harder. Try to better yourself even if nobody can help you. You are the only person who is the only one that sands in the way. Don't laugh at people who are different and you think that is weird. Please don't judge people because they are not as smart as you do. Find that balance between your brain.