Friday, February 3, 2017

Reflection on Color of Water Chapter 2,3,4,5

"He was seventy-two when he died" (5) I think that he is sad because that is pretty young for him to die. He seem like he treats all the kids as his own.

"I always thought of him as Daddy"(6) He feels close to his step dad. His stepdad was the dad that he really knew because his mom got married when he was still less than a year old.

"I virtually dropped out of high school after he died, failing every class."(6)
It is tough when you lose a parent to keep going and feeling like you are still doing the right thing. I get it. 

"She war commander and chief of my house, because my stepfather did not live with us.(9)That seem like a very stressful life having 12 kids and no one to help you. You are also very private so that makes it seem even more distant

"Me and Mommy alone"(11)
I think that is one memory that he holds onto because that is one of the only times he gets to be alone with his mom.

"My little sister Kathy who trailed behind them"(14)
They were all older than he was so he was scared and they would make fun of him because of that.

“I held you and your brother in my arms as I ran”(16) Her mom was not exactly sure what was coming but she knew that it was scary and she was not exactly sure what was going to happen.

"I was a runner"(17) That is probably why she rides her bike everywhere instead of driving a car.

"You obeyed, period"(18) That is why she told James that he just needed to listen to her and do what she told him to do.

"Yet Mommy refused to acknowledge her whiteness."(23)I think that a big part of that for her is that she didn’t know how to answer that question. She married men with black skin so that is why her children don’t look like her.

"Our favorite as a gleaming black, souped-up GTO with the words “Black Power” written in smooth white script across the hood and top"(26)  That is interesting is that car just black or is the driver also black?

"Get your butt inside before dark" (28)
I think he was testing. He wanted to see if his mom would do  she said she would do. I think that he also was pretty mad when they didn’t follow her rules like her parent would be with her.

"He always made sure his kids never got into trouble, was concerned about money, and trusted the providence of the Holy Father to do the rest."(29)  
I think that he misses having a dad around because he wants some of that parenting that is not just telling him that he is doing everything wrong.

"She viewed the civil rights achievements of black Americans with pride, as if they were her own."(32)
I think that it is part of what she wanted and part of doing what is right not what you want. She did a lot of that leaving her family marrying a black man she did a lot and she wants to be proud of what she did.

"My parents didn’t have the warm relations that most parents had."(41)
That is part of why I think that she parents her kids like she does.

"My father did things to me that I can’t tell anyone about."(42)  

She was trying to make up what she didn’t have in her past but she was really stick to her kids.




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kleclaire said...

Well-chosen passages and genuine, personal reactions. My challenge to you: Take one step outside the text and consider why McBride includes the details that he does. In other words, what does he want you to understand, and how is he going about it?