Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I went to the zoo yesterday with my friend Sabrina. My mom and Sabrina's family came, too. We saw lots of animals and even got to feed the lorikeets. They weren't very hungry because they had been fed all day by other people. We had lunch there, too. The tiger jumped up on the fence around the tree and looked at us. It was interesting to see how high it could jump. There were no lights in the bathroom because the construction workers at the zoo cut a power line by accident. They are building a new area for the elephants and other Asian animals. Here are some pictures that I took. I took all of them except for the ones that I am in.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hanging Out at the RV

Also while we were in Florida went spent time hanging out at my Grandma and Grandpa's RV. We talked, played with their Wii and played with their neighbor's dog, Brandi.

Jetty Beach

On my third day in Florida I went to the beach. I built a sand castle by drizzling sand through my fingers. I played in the waves, jumping over them and sometimes if the wave was big enough it carried me forward a little bit. I saw turtles, people fishing, a dead horseshoe crab, lots of shells and lots of birds.

Animal Kingdom

On my second day in Florida I went to Animal Kingdom. I went on the ride Kali River Rapids 4 times and got soaked the last time. I went on Safari and saw animals from a big truck. I saw hippos, elephants, alligators, rhinos, an ostrich, and others. Primeval Whirl was a roller coaster in Dinoland. It was fun because it spun around in circles and had big dips.

Magic Kingdom

On the first day I was in Florida I went to Magic Kingdom. My favorite rides were Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain and Speedway. Speedway was where I got to drive a car. Splash Mountain was awesome because we got all wet and it was fun because when you are wet it feels good on a hot day. Thunder Mountain is a roller coaster that is one of the biggest rides at Magic Kingdom. It was fun because there were drops and you got jerked around. We also went on It's A Small World. That was fun because I knew how to play that song on the piano and I liked seeing all the dolls from around the world.