Thursday, June 19, 2008

Softball and Lochen

Tonight I had a softball game. My last year’s teacher named Ms. Hanni came to my softball game. Ms. Hanni brought her baby named Lochen and also brought her husband named John. Every time I batted I hit the ball out into the outfield. One time I got a double. When I got to play catcher I got an out by getting the ball and touching home plate.

After the game Ms. Hanni, John and Lochen came over to our house to have a snack and so that I could play with Lochen. I also showed Ms. Hanni and John my robot I made out of a printer and a poster of a rocket landing on Mars that I got for being good at Camp Invention. I made the robot at Camp Invention, too. Lochen played with my gears, my zoo animals, and my drum.