Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Pogo Stick

I got a new pogo stick today because I got to open some presents early because we're going on a trip tomorrow. Here is a movie of me pogo sticking.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I love music. It's fun to listen to and it helps me stay calm. I like to play the guitar because I can always hear the guitar in songs on the radio. I like the guitar a lot. I have a play list on my ipod. I like to listen to songs on the radio and then if I hear one I really like I ask my parents, “Can I have this song on my play list?” As you can imagine I like all of the songs on my play list that have guitar playing in them. Music has been a big part of my life.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I like playing basketball. My favorite part of basketball is when I have the ball, dribble down the court, make a basket and then hear everybody in the crowd cheering. I feel really good when people cheer me on. My team has played two games. We won one and lost one and we have one this Saturday. My coach says I should inbound the ball because I pass the ball in really quickly. My team is called the Warriors. I am number 8. Here are some pictures of me at my last basketball game.

Friday, December 11, 2009


On Wednesday I got some alone time with Jimmy because it is hard to play with both Sabrina and Jimmy at the same time. Jimmy came over to my house and we had some fun.

We played some music for Jimmy and he started bobbing his head.

I took a picture with Jimmy and as you can see he kind of smiled.

Jimmy liked to play with my koosh balls. He enjoyed rubbing his finger on the koosh ball and watching it jiggle after he touched it.

I really enjoy spending time with Jimmy. Thank you, Christy, for bringing him over.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I went to the bowling alley with Dan, Christy, Sabrina, Jimmy, Nana, Gramps, Mom and Dad. Jimmy did not play because he is too little. He enjoyed the music a lot! My Dad didn't play because he hurt his shoulder and didn't want to hurt it more. Nana and Gramps are Sabrina’s grandparents and I call them Nana and Gramps because they don't seem to mind. Sabrina wanted to go bowling for her birthday. While we were there we played 3 games. It was so awesome because I did pretty well for my first time actually throwing the bowling ball. My scores were: Game 1 – 73, Game 2 – 87, Game 3 – 85. We used bumpers because we were sort of beginners.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Gotcha Day

It was our Gotcha Day on Saturday so we invited our China travel group over because it was their Gotcha Day, too. The group also got to meet Jimmy, Sabrina's little brother. There were 7 girls adopted in our travel group and 5 of them could come on Saturday. They were Sabrina, Shanley, Jianni, Katie and me. Caitlyn and Libby and their little sisters could not come. We all hope to see them soon. In the pictures, the older girl is Josie, Katie's older sister. Of course, the little boy is Jimmy, Sabrina's little brother. I felt happy to see the 5 girls that could make it.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Revised Fiction Story

This week I have been learning about revision. I revised my fiction story from the last blog post. Here is my revision. Tell me if you like it better this way or if you like it better the other way.

No, I can not think of anything to write about, wait, I just did. I think that I have to tell a fiction story.

In the middle of the night, a baby named Merrick started crying his head off. His mom and dad did not know what to do. They asked, “Should we feed him or change him or let him sleep with us?” Then finally they changed him and discovered that he had diarrhea. Then they discovered that the diarrhea had leaked all over Merrick’s clothes, so Merrick’s Mom and Dad gave Merrick a bath to clean him up. Then they put Merrick on their bed and sang some lullabies to him and in five minutes he was asleep. They carried him to his crib and watched Merrick to make sure he was ok. Merrick’s mom and Dad were still really worried.

But then, Merrick’s 2 year old sister, Mara, started crying her head off. Her parents said, “Not again,” to each other. They went into Mara’s room and decided to change her. She had diarrhea, too. Mara’s parents tried to get Mara in the bath but she wouldn’t go into the bath. So her Mom and Dad put Mara’s favorite bath toy in the bathtub. Mara got clean then she did not want to get out of the bathtub. So they took the bath toy away and got Mara out of the bathtub. Her parents put her on their bed and sang some lullabies to her. She was asleep in one minute. Mara’s Mom and Dad carried her back to her room and put her in her crib. They watched Mara to make sure she was ok. Mara’s parents were still really worried.

Suddenly, Merrick and Mara’s 4 year old brother, Jimmy, came out of his room and said “Mommy and Daddy, I had an accident.” “This is gross,” said Jimmy’s mom. They checked Jimmy’s underwear and discovered that Jimmy had diarrhea. So they put Jimmy in the bath. After a little while, Jimmy wanted all the bath toys in the bathtub. So Jimmy’s parents got all the bath toys for Jimmy to play with and then when he was clean he did not want to get out. He played and played. After 2 hours his parents got him out of the bath and got him ready for bed. They put him on their bed and sang to him but Jimmy did not want to go to sleep. His parents finally got him to sleep. They carried him to his bed and tucked Jimmy in bed. They watched him to make sure Jimmy was ok. They were still really worried about all 3 children.

The next morning they took the kids to the doctor. The doctor said that they all had colds. The doctor said that the colds would only last up to five days to a week. The parents hoped the colds would only last for five days. All the kids got better in five days. The parents weren’t really worried anymore.

Friday, November 13, 2009

My First Fiction Story

No, I can not think of any thing to write about, wait, I just did. I think that I have to tell a fiction story. In the middle of the night a baby named Merrick started crying his head off. His mom and dad did not know what to do. They asked, "Should we feed him, or change him, or let him sleep with us?" Then finally they changed him and discovered that he had diarrhea. So the next morning they took him to the doctor. The doctor said that Merrick had a little cold. The doctor said that the cold would only last up to five days to a week Merrick’s parents hoped the cold would only last for five days. Merrick got better in five days.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Jimmy and his family came to visit us on Sunday. I know Jimmy because he is my best friend Sabrina’s little brother. Sabrina’s parents were in China for two and a half weeks to get Jimmy. Jimmy's real name is James but his nickname is Jimmy. He likes to listen to music and he bobs his head from side to side and makes his lips move trying to sing. Jimmy really, really likes his blue blanket. He likes to play with it, cover up with it and bite it. Sabrina likes having a little brother but not when he screams at night. It will probably wake Sabrina up because their rooms are right next to each other. I think that Jimmy is really cute. He is coming over again Saturday.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Costume

You have seen the friendly version of my costume in my pictures with Merrick. Now here are some pictures of the scary version that I wore when I was trick or treating with my friend Skylar.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

When I Was Little

Here is a movie of me when I was 18 months old. It's one of my favorite movies. This movie is about Halloween and the first time I helped carve a pumpkin and get a costume. I thought you might like to see this because it's only a week until Halloween. The little girl who was also dressed up as a pumpkin is my best friend Sabrina.

Friday, October 23, 2009

My Best Friend Sabrina

My best friend Sabrina went to the Westlands Park with me on Monday afternoon. We had a blast climbing a rock wall that looked like a giant tree, exploring a two-story tree house and sliding on a zip line. This park has a lot of interesting equipment.

In addition to the park on Monday, on Wednesday, Sabrina and I had a sleepover at my house. We went out to dinner at Chili’s. I got a cheeseburger with fries and Sabrina got macaroni and cheese with cinnamon apples. After that we came home and Sabrina and I got into our pj’s. Next we watched a movie and then my mom read to us. Later we talked about stuff, we read to ourselves and last we fell asleep. In the morning we ate breakfast and played for a while.

Tomorrow we are going to see Honk at the Arvada Center for the Arts. Honk is a play that is about the ugly duckling story. It is a musical. I am excited to go with my family, Sabrina and her Nana.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Babysitting Again

Last Saturday night I got to babysit Merrick again at my house. He was starting to catch a cold.