Monday, February 27, 2017

Reflection of Color of Water Chapters 21, 22, 23

"Don't come back"(215). I think her dad just doesn't know how to handle things when they are different and he doesn't agree with them. It is kinda like a bird who gets its wings and flies away and never comes back to the nest. "He told me Mameh had just passed away"(216). It is hard for her to lose someone and she has never tried to hurt anyone. "The Jew in me was dying anyway, but truly died when my mother died"(218). I feel like that was finally when she started to notice that she could be the person she always wanted to be. "Everything she had known was gone"(221). I feel that it was interesting because he is trying to figure out more about his mothers childhood they really know nothing." The tape is running"(227). I feel like he was doing that so that he could get his mom the help that she needed. "I'll still be your mother when you come back"(232). That is something that a mom would really say that she really cares."I accepted Jesus that day and He has never let me down form that day to this"(235). I find that interesting that she would do that and leaver her life all the way behind her. "He got worse and worse, and during this time I missed my period"(242). I feel that it was a very stressful time in her life and also to now think that she has another kid on the way the is not fun at all. "Part of me died when Dennis died"(244). She had to figure out how to go in it alone and try to raise her kids by herself.

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