Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Reflection Color of Water 18,19,20

"She hates the South"(180). I feel like she hates the south more because she feels that her kids really don't fit in with segregation."Yet she wanted me to go"(189). She wants her kids to have a better life than what she is able to give them right now. "This was no joking matter for them"(195). He was very loyal to her and made her feel better about everything. "He was serious about his money"(198). I think that he was nervous that they would take his money. "Racism is a problem that should end just about the time we graduate"(204). It sill goes on today but not at that level. "The whole family is long gone"(210). I feel like they all left because they couldn't really see what was actually going on inside closed doors.

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