Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Grandma

The airplane was really loud.I was so glad to get off the airplane I was in another place. I was there to see my sick grandma.

She was very ill. She was in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). It was scary to see her like that because all different tubes went into her and they were as loud as siren's zooming past. It was fun to see her to cheer her up but still it was not fun at all.

It was hard as a rock to keep going back to see my grandma because it seems that she was not getting better.It was hard because she was laying in a bed with all kinds of machines that will help her but it it is still scary because I love her and it is really really hard to see her like that.

But the bright side of this emergency trips is that I got to see my cousin and we sent a whole bunch of time together we played all sorts of games together. It was a good break to get my mind off of my grandma. I also played all the games that she liked and the only thing that I wish is that my grandma was there to see us have fun

I was very worried that my grandma would not get better but little by little she got better. I hope I get to see my grandma soon.

But know she is doing a lot better she is in a nursing home and eating regular foods again I am so happy for you grandma thanks for being there for me and you will aways be with me.