Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Night-Night Game

When I was two years old, I played a game with my parents. We called it the Night-Night game. I would drag my parents into separate bedrooms. I would take my mom to my bedroom and I would take my dad to my parent’s bedroom. I would walk back to my room and cover my mom up with a doll blanket and say, “Night-Night” and turn off the light and close the door. Then I would walk to my parent’s room and cover my dad up with a doll blanket and say, “Night-Night” and turn off the light and close the door. After that I would go back to my room and knock on the door and I would say, “Knock, knock, morning!” to wake up my mom. Then I would go knock on my parent’s door and wake up my dad. I did this over and over and over again. I did not say the words correctly, but my parents could understand what I was saying. As you can imagine I had a lot of fun playing the Night-Night game.

Below is a movie that shows a different version of the Night-Night game so you can get an idea of what this game might have looked like.

Monday, September 28, 2009


I have not posted to my blog in a while because I have been working on other things. I have been writing letters and emails to my family members. I also played in a softball tournament this weekend. I got to play three games. We lost the first game, won the second game and lost the third game. Then I got a trophy. Basketball season is starting up in about two months. I am excited for basketball season to start.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My New Glasses

Here are some pictures of me with my new glasses.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Babysitting is awesome! Last Friday night I got to babysit Merrick. Merrick is Ms. MaKayla’s son. Ms. MaKayla worked with my mom. Ms. MaKayla has a husband named Philip. We got to babysit Merrick so Ms. MaKayla and Philip could go out to dinner. They brought him over to my house.

What can Merrick do? He can sit up by himself. Merrick can sit up and play with toys. Merrick has a lot of toys. Some that he likes are a stuffed animal that is a frog and a box that has blocks in it. When Merrick sees that the box is full he tips it over.

Merrick likes playing peek-a-boo. He will put his face on his blanket and then Merrick will lift his head. I say, “Where is Merrick?” Then I say, “There he is” when he pops his head up. He also liked listening to me play the guitar.

I really liked babysitting Merrick. I can’t wait until we do it again.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

President Obama's Speech

After watching President Obama's speech today, I made some goals for myself like he asked us to do. Here are my goals:

1. Read more books and read harder books.
2. Work at playing softball better.
3. Write more.
4. Do better at school on my school work by working hard and trying my best.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Eye Doctor

What are all of those machines? What will they do to me? Will they hurt me? No, they won't hurt. The eye doctor is nothing to worry about. The eye doctor is cool! After you know what everything is then it is not so scary.

The eye doctor made me look in these big glasses and she changed the lenses. I had to look at the letters on the wall as they got smaller and smaller. I had to tell the doctor if they got blurry. Then the doctor used another machine to look at my eyes. I had to look up, down, right and left.

I am getting reading glasses. They are oval shaped. They are dark purple. I only have to wear my glasses during reading and writing. I’ll post pictures when I get my glasses. I can’t wait to get them!