Thursday, February 9, 2017

Reflection on Color of Water Chapters 9,10, 11

" Folks where pour and starving."(83) I can relate to that because you lose prospective when things are just good all the time. "It was her sense of education, more than any other that Mommy conveyed her Jewishness to us"(87). He feel that he is learning how his mom liked to grow and how his mom was treated because that is what she does to her kids. "By the age of twelve, i was traveling an hour and a half one way to junior high school by myself, taking two buses each direction every day"(89). I feel that his mom wanted the best for her children so she would do what ever it takes to get them there. "Yet I myself had no idea who I was"(91). I feel like it is very confusing when you don't have anybody that you can trust and are there for you all the time. "In the summer she was the Pied Piper, leading the whole pack of us to public swimming pools, stripping down to her one-piece bating suit and plunging into the water like a walrus, the rest of us following her like seals, splashing and gurgling in terror behind her as Mommy flailed along, seemingly barely able to sim herself."(95). She still wanted to giver all her kids life skills that they needed. "I grew secretive, cautious, passive, angry and fearful always"(100). I feel that he feels that she is not really his mom because of how much they don't look like each other and it is hard for him to understand. "Now as a grown black man, I feel privileged to have come from two worlds"(103). I feel like that must be so hard and he trying to make sense of it as he goes because he doesn't have anybody to talk to.  "Then after a while my period was late. By a week. Then another two weeks. Then it never came" (112). I find that as way that she was telling the world that she didn't like how she was being treated anymore so she was doing something about it.

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