Monday, June 27, 2011

Water World

I went to Water World with Shanley. It was really fun. We went in the wave pool, we also went on some rafting rides, we went on a slide like 13 times and we went together on it. We went backward and forwards and it was awesome. We rode a lot of different rides. Here are some pictures. Thanks for going with me Shanley!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Trip to Kentucky

I went to Kentucky to see my Grandparents, my aunt, my uncle and cousin. It was really fun to be there because it was really fun to play with Mara (my cousin). Mara loved playing with me she knew how to say my name. Mara also talks mostly in sentences to me. Mara also liked to do a lot of stuff with me. She really liked to go for walk around the blocks and she called it a baby walk. She liked going for walks because she loved watching the birds and the bees. She also liked to color and she always wanted the purple. Here are some pictures and a movie.