Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Great Gatsby Cover

I see eyes with a person inside of it. The eyes are in made of a human I guess losing their mind and imagination and seeing people though the eyes.
The red lips are that splash of light in his life.
The bottom is how many times he though he was on the right track and then it blew up in his face.
Explosion and Imagination because sometimes when you use your imagination you think that it is going to be great and then something happens and it ends up being an explosion.

The green light on the cover is a big part of the book because it is present all the time when Nick is with Gatsby.

Does the American Dream end up exploding before you feel that you are really living it? I think it does because you try so hard to do what you think is the American Dream and it blows up in your face before you can succeed.

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