Monday, October 7, 2013

This I Believe

This is the first writing I have done this year if you guys could tell me what you think that would be great!

One hospital. Several tubes. Machines. Beeping noises. 2 bags at my grandma’s feet. All these thing are going into her body. It is hard to watch someone you love slowly die.I believe that family is the most important thing that you have in your life.

You can’t just take family for granted because they aren’t always going to be there for you. Just enjoy what time you have with your family (even your parents). So I was always playing with my grandma when I was younger. We would play hide and seek, read books, play sports, go for walks, shoot the ball into the arm hoop, ring around the rosey, foot drum, play hand games basically anything we could find to do that was fun. I was always sitting right outside the bedroom or bathroom door waiting for my grandma to get out of bed or the shower, I would even peek under the crack in the door to see if she was standing at the sink or in the shower or drying her hair. She would almost always trip over me because I was sitting where she needed to walk. Plus she would do my hair too. I would love when my grandma came to visit because she was always happy to see me and play with me. I know that she would always be there and listen.

But then suddenly we had to go start visiting my grandma then her coming to us. Then all of the sudden I started to think huh maybe she wouldn’t be around all the time and that scared me more than anything else because I had told myself that she was always going to be there. I started to think that she was not going to be with me much longer and die without me getting to say goodbye to her. That was fun to go to her and we started playing and talking about different things like we read together instead of her reading to me all the time. We did more adult things rather than little kid things all the time. Yes, we still had fun but we did different activities than when I was younger.

Then one day I am standing in a intensive care unit with my parents and my grandma is laying a bed, can’t do anything just lying there. That scared the crap out of me. I didn’t know how to react or how I could talk to her without freaking out (because she couldn’t answer me so I didn’t know if she was hearing me or not). There was a saying in my head going oh my god how did this happen to somebody that I care so much about. She almost died 4 times in a 5 week span of being in the intensive care unit. That scared me more than anything just thinking that one day soon she will die I would not get to say a proper goodbye to her. But then after those 5 weeks in the intensive care unit she started to improve. She got to get out of the intensive care unit and went into the nursing home and then finally after half a year of being in the intensive care unit for 5 weeks, in a regular hospital room for another 5 weeks and then going to a nursing home and staying there for another 2 months, she got to go home finally. I was so happy that she was alive and great considering what condition she was in.

I believe that family is the most important thing in your life. I still take my family for granted sometimes, too. So next time when you are sitting with your extended family and you get mad at somebody just remember that they are not going to be there for you someday. Just remember when you are sitting a hospital with a family member you care so much about and watch them slowly die and you can’t talk to them. Think did I ever get mad at this person or hurt them would they be thinking the same thing that I am right now. Just remember enjoy all the time that you have with your family