Saturday, August 4, 2007

August 4, 2007

I’ve got a blood blister. I went to the doctor and we have to put special cream on it and take medicine three times a day and soak my foot. I think I got it because of my shoe rubbing and it really hurt so I had to put an ice pack on it but that didn’t help – nothing helped. The purple marker in the picture is around the edge of where the swelling was.

On Thursday I went in the air castle in Camelot – Camelot is my daycare. We couldn’t do tricks in the air castle and only five kids at a time could be in the air castle. We just jumped and played corner crashing.

I met my teacher on Thursday and her name is Ms. Hanni. This was a conference for me to get to know Ms. Hanni and some other kids. I had to find my supplies – it was kind of like a scavenger hunt, and I had to draw a picture of what I like to do in my neighborhood. Ms. Hanni read us a book about crayons. The crayons were being mean to each other and weren’t being nice. But then all the colors started to like each other and said that if they couldn’t work together we couldn’t do a very good job. That’s like being crew, not passengers.

My school starts on Monday and I feel good about it.


diane said...

Ouch, Abby!
I'm glad you had a good day with your teacher to balance that nasty blister.

I like your tags. Did you put Renaissance because you're a multi-talented young woman?

Enjoy school!


Durff said...

I hope that blister clears up with lightening speed so you can concentrate on enjoying school!

Lisa Harrison said...

Ouch Abby! I broke my pinky toe a few weeks ago and it still hurts! Hope you feel better soon.

How exciting about starting school! I am a second grade teacher in Chicago and I hope to blog with my students this fall. Do you mind if I show them your blog? I really think it's terrific!

Have a great first day of school!
Ms. Harrison

Ray said...


We hope your foot gets better soon. Remember to take it easy at school next so you don't hurt it again.

It sounds like you had fun in the air castle. Do you get to do that very often?

Have fun at school.


Aunt Martha said...

Hi Abby:

I've never had a blood blister and I don't think I want to have one!

Air castles look like a lot of fun. Too bad there weren't air castles when I was little. Uncle John and I would have liked them too.

You had a very fun summer and I know you are looking forward to school starting.

Can I visit your school next time I come to Colorado?

It has been very hot here in West Virginia for a couple of weeks. It is very hard to work when it is this hot. The temperature has been 90 degrees or more. I sure hope it is cooler there.

I hear some thunder so I guess I'd better sign off. Maybe it will rain and cool things off but most of the time it just thunders here and doesn't rain.

Barbara S. said...

It sounds like you are taking good care of your blister but it does look painful. It's pretty cool that you got to meet with your teacher and some kids before the official start of school. I really like the saying "being crew, not passengers." I am going to talk about this idea with my 9th grade students when we start school. It's also pretty cool that you got to jump around in the air castle. I'll be thinking good thoughts about you going back to school tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

OUCH! Abby, that looks like it really hurts! I'm sorry that happened to you but I am glad that you went to the doctor and got some medicine! It should feel better soon. The air castle sounds like fun! How high did you go?

Well Abby, I have to go but I will see you tomorrow...the first day of school!

Ms. Marci

Abby F. said...

Diane – My school is called Renaissance.

Lisa – Please go show my blog to your kids.

Grandma and Grandpa – I don’t get to play on the jumpy things very much because I don’t have one at home and Camelot doesn’t usually have one either.

Aunt Martha – You probably won’t get a blood blister but who knows you might get one after all. My blood blister got infected so that’s why I don’t want you to have one. Yes, you can come visit my school next time you come to Colorado.

Ms. Marci – I couldn’t jump very high because my back was still hurting because when I was playing at the park after my softball game I was playing on the monkey bars, slipped, and fell off on my tailbone. Well, gotta go, but I’ll see you tomorrow too. Bye.

diane said...

Some bloggers are playing a game online called "8 Random Things" where we list interesting facts about ourselves.

If you'd like to join in, I tag you.
The rules are on my blog.

Hope your foot is better!

Mrs. V. said...

I tagged you on 8 random facts- you're it!