Sunday, August 26, 2007

August 26, 2007 - Things I Like To Do In My Neighborhood

I made this picture of me and my friends playing because I really like to play with friends. This picture wasn’t an ordinary picture because those were things I like to do in my neighborhood. It was an assignment from my teacher (Ms. Hanni) and she hung it up by our cubbies in the hallway.


Durff said...

I like your picture a lot. I wonder what the words say I see beneath the picture....could you tell us?

diane said...


I love your rainbow of friends!

I went to a racetrack not far from my home a few days ago and saw a rainbow of horses working out.

Life should always be full of colors and rainbows, don't you think?

Aunt Martha said...

Hi Abby:

I like the picture of you and your friends playing. What are the names of the friends in the picture?

Are you having lots of fun at school and helping your Mom after school too?

Abby F. said...

Durff - It says, "My favorite activity to do in my neighborhood is go to my friends house. I like to play when I go. I ask my mom and dad if I can go to my friends house. It smells good because it just does. I usually go to my friends house to play sports."

Aunt Martha - Travis, Austin, Christian, Ian, and Dane are some of the people in the picture.

Miss Wills' Superstar Z said...

Hi Abby,I really liked your drawing of your colurful friends.Is your favourite subject art?or is there another subject that you love? My favourite subject is art and writing.

Abby F. said...

Superstar Z – My favorite subjects are writing and reading.