Friday, April 23, 2010

Going to Work with my Dad

I went to work with my dad because yesterday was Take Your Kid to Work day. It was loads of fun! I got to see what my dad's day was like(at work) but there were a couple things that we did that he does not usually do on a regular work day - like go on a tour of the building or go watch a gym class or go out for lunch. I got to play badminton with the gym class. It was hard at times because there were 3 girls (including me) so sometimes we would get in the way of each other. So we had to be careful so we wouldn't hit each other. I went out to lunch with my dad and my dad's coworker Dana(pronounced Donna). We went to Chipotle and it was really good. My dad and I shared a bean burrito and we also got chips and salsa. After lunch, there was a funnel cloud spotted so everyone had to get into tornado position. As you can see I had a wonderful time with my dad.


annes said...

Abby- it was really fun to see you at AHS. Thanks for visiting.


Aunt Martha said...

Hi Abby:

I'm glad you had such a good day at work with your Dad. I know you were disappointed that you didn't get to go with him a few weeks ago.

I don't think we did that when we were kids. Maybe Grandpa F. will remember for sure.

How was Sabrina's day at work with her Dad?

Aunt Martha

DXR said...

Abby, glad you had a goog day with your dad! Sabrina and I had a good day too. We got up at 4:22 am and were on the 5:15 train... We didn't get home until about 6pm, but Sabrina did well for such a long day, plus she had to sit in a paticularly boring meeting... The first quarterly meeting with our CEO. Have a great week !
Dan R

Abby F. said...

Aunt Martha,
Read Dan's comment above mine and you can learn a little bit about Sabrina's day.

Linc. said...

Hey, Abby--

I enjoyed reading about your adventure going to work with your Dad. (I used the word "adventure" because that's what your Uncle John says to your cousin Mara whenever they are getting ready to go someplace together--and Mara immediately heads for the door when she hears that word!)

You had a busy day, with some unexpected events--including going out to lunch, which teachers rarely have time for. And I hope you found out a little bit about school from the teacher's viewpoint, as well as how important your Dad's work is for the school.

Do you have any further adventures planned with your Dad? If you do, be sure to write and tell us about them.

Much love.

YeYe F.