Thursday, April 1, 2010

Advice for Hannah

Hannah is a new blogger and has asked me for advice in a comment on my blog. Here is the link to her blog.

Here is my advice to Hannah:

Dear Hannah,

I'm glad that you enjoy my blog.

Here is some advice for you on writing a blog:

1. You can post about anything you do. It's kind of like a diary only people can see it.

2. Don't post things that are really personal and you don't want anybody to know.

3. Take lots of pictures and ask your parents to take pictures of you doing things so people can see what your life is like. I think pictures describe you more.

4. Write about your feelings and what you think about things.

5. You can also post your school work on your blog if you want to. I have posted some of mine.

6. Post a lot so that people will keep reading and are still interested in your blog.


1 comment:

Aunt Martha said...

Hi Abby:

Very good advice for Hannah.

I had checked out her blog when I read her comment recently, and tried to leave a comment on hers, but I screwed it up.

I'll have to try and leave a comment again on her blog.

Aunt Martha