Monday, April 12, 2010

My Weekend

My dad’s birthday was Saturday. I got to spend the day with my dad because my mom had class all day. We ran some errands in the morning and after that we went on a long walk in the afternoon. I also played with my friends. Finally we went out for dinner at Chili’s. On Sunday I played balloon volleyball with my dad. After we ate lunch, we went to get ice cream. Afterward I played with my friends and went for a bike ride with my dad. After dinner we went for a walk.


Aunt Martha said...

Hi Abby:

I know you had a good time with your Dad over the weekend and I'm sure he did too.

I have never heard of balloon volleyball, but I can see that it is a good game to play in the house. Do the balloons ever break while you are playing?

My friend Diana and I thought about going to get some ice cream after our dinner tonight at the Mexican restaurant, but we were too full!

Let's see, I guess we can start thinking about your Mom's birthday coming up in June now!

Aunt Martha

Abby F. said...

Aunt Martha,

No the balloons have never popped.

I guess so.

Aunt Martha said...

Hey Abby:

I wonder if Grandma F. would have let us play balloon volleyball in the house!!!

I bet she would still have thought that would be too rambunctious for the boys!

Aunt Martha

Linc. said...

Hey, Abby Min-Min--

That was a wonderful way to spend a birthday with your Dad!

How would you like to come to Lexington to help me spend my next birthday in a similar way? Actually, we could celebrate combined February birthdays at the same time: mine, yours, Aunt Martha's, and Cousin Mara's. Or if that time of year isn't suitable because of your school, we could change the date of celebration until June or July, like the Queen of England does.

Much love.

YeYe F.

Abby F. said...

I think it would be fun for all of us that have birthdays in February to get together and all celebrate.