Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I love music. It's fun to listen to and it helps me stay calm. I like to play the guitar because I can always hear the guitar in songs on the radio. I like the guitar a lot. I have a play list on my ipod. I like to listen to songs on the radio and then if I hear one I really like I ask my parents, “Can I have this song on my play list?” As you can imagine I like all of the songs on my play list that have guitar playing in them. Music has been a big part of my life.


Aunt Martha said...

Hi Abby:

I'm glad music is such a big part of your life. You will enjoy it forever.

I don't listen to the radio much, but I have several CD's that I play when I travel to Lexington. Music can relax you and it can also keep you motivated and focused on what you are doing.

Aunt Martha

The Dukes said...

The Dukes love music too! I think it rubbed off on them from their parents. Ian's favorite song right now is "550 Miles" by the Proclaimers and Henry's is "Henry the Eighth" by Peter Noone. They both really like "Life is a Highway" and "Hit the Road Jack."

What would you say are your top 3 favorite songs this week?

P.S. We received the letter you wrote with your family's Christmas card, thank you!! I was hoping to get to see you this week but Henry is on the mend from croup and Ian is just starting to cough today. We don't want to make you sick!!

Abby F. said...

Hey Sarah,

I hope the boys feel better soon.

My top 3 favorite songs are "Had a Bad Day" by Daniel Powter, "This is Me" by Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas and "Soak Up the Sun" by Sheryl Crow.


The Dukes said...

I love how I wrote "550 miles" instead of "500 miles." Apparently 500 miles is not enough for me- geez louise!

Linc. said...

Hey, Abby--

One of my first experiences with "classical" music was singing a famous work called Messiah when I was in high school. Last week, I sang it again with the Lexington Singers--the 69th anniversary of my first singing it! And I still find it a glorious experience.

Good music will stay with you all your life and it will bring enrichment beyond your greatest imagination.

Sometimes in rehearsals we sing a warm-up tune:
"All things must perish
From under the sky.
Music alone shall live,
Music alone shall live,
Music alone shall live,
Never to die."

Keep making music! It's a joyful thing.

YeYe F.