Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I like playing basketball. My favorite part of basketball is when I have the ball, dribble down the court, make a basket and then hear everybody in the crowd cheering. I feel really good when people cheer me on. My team has played two games. We won one and lost one and we have one this Saturday. My coach says I should inbound the ball because I pass the ball in really quickly. My team is called the Warriors. I am number 8. Here are some pictures of me at my last basketball game.


Aunt Martha said...

Hi Abby:

I'm glad that you enjoy basketball. It is nice to hear the cheers when you make a basket.

I was not very good at basketball when I was young. Maybe I wasn't coordinated enough! I wasn't on a team though, we just played basketball in gym practice and I didn't make very many baskets.

Aunt Martha

Grandma F said...

The closest I came to basketball was in high school and I was in the pep band which marched on the floor at halftime and played at times during the game. Not quite like the experience you are getting. When I was your age, girls didn't get the opportunity to play basketball. You are lucky to be able to swim, play basketball and softball. Now, I just watch the University of Kentucky basketball team play and I sometimes get to go watch them. They are very good this year.

Grandma F