Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Pogo Stick

I got a new pogo stick today because I got to open some presents early because we're going on a trip tomorrow. Here is a movie of me pogo sticking.


The Dukes said...

I can't wait to show this to the Dukes in the morning!! I can't believe you are so good at that right off the bat! Doesn't it require a lot of balance? If we get to see you the next time we're in town (we'll try!) please teach Ian and Henry how to do it so that I can make them do it for an hour every day to wear them out. :)

Aunt Martha said...

Hi Abby:

Boy that made me tired watching you on the pogo stick! I don't have that much energy.

Looks like I have more snow on the ground at my house in West Virginia than you do in Denver right now.

I think we got 14-16 inches of snow Friday and Saturday. Tonight (Tuesday night) is the first night that I have been able to get my car down the driveway and into the garage.

See you Wednesday afternoon.

Aunt Martha

Abby F. said...

Hey Sarah,
My pogo stick requires a lot of balance.

Karissa said...

Dear Abby,
My sister and I got a pogo stick one year for Christmas, too! We loved playing with it, but we had to do it in the basement or outside because that was the only place our mom would let us go. I didn't mind- pogo-sticking is super fun!

Have fun.
Ms. Karissa