Monday, November 23, 2009

Gotcha Day

It was our Gotcha Day on Saturday so we invited our China travel group over because it was their Gotcha Day, too. The group also got to meet Jimmy, Sabrina's little brother. There were 7 girls adopted in our travel group and 5 of them could come on Saturday. They were Sabrina, Shanley, Jianni, Katie and me. Caitlyn and Libby and their little sisters could not come. We all hope to see them soon. In the pictures, the older girl is Josie, Katie's older sister. Of course, the little boy is Jimmy, Sabrina's little brother. I felt happy to see the 5 girls that could make it.


The Dukes said...

What a wonderful day to celebrate, Abby! The first of the happiest days in your parents lives, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

It is so neat that you have kept in touch through the years and get to remember this special day together! I for one am SO happy your parents "gotcha" and that I was able to "meetcha". Hee, hee!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!


Aunt Martha said...

Hi Abby:

I think it is so neat that all of you still keep in touch with each other.

Too bad that all 7 girls were not there. Maybe next time.

I think that Saturday was also "National Adoption Day", so it was very appropriate that your Gotcha Day was then.


Aunt Martha

Karissa said...

Dear Abby,
Happy Gotcha day! I watched the video of when your parents "gotcha" and they looked so very happy! I have to say that you look older than last year- your hair is so long these days!

Keep in touch-
Miss Karissa