Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Jimmy and his family came to visit us on Sunday. I know Jimmy because he is my best friend Sabrina’s little brother. Sabrina’s parents were in China for two and a half weeks to get Jimmy. Jimmy's real name is James but his nickname is Jimmy. He likes to listen to music and he bobs his head from side to side and makes his lips move trying to sing. Jimmy really, really likes his blue blanket. He likes to play with it, cover up with it and bite it. Sabrina likes having a little brother but not when he screams at night. It will probably wake Sabrina up because their rooms are right next to each other. I think that Jimmy is really cute. He is coming over again Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Abby--

You now have another infant that you can baby-sit with!

Jimmy is a cute kid. I know you'll enjoy watching him grow up and adapt to a new culture, as you did.

YeYe F.

Grandma F said...

What a cute little boy! I have forgotten - how old is Jimmy?

I'm having trouble figuring out how you and Sabrina grew up so fast:)

Grandma F

The Dukes said...

He is so cute! Did you know Henry's first name is James? He is named after his great-grandpa, who always went by "Jim." I wonder if Jimmy will shorten his name to Jim when he's older.

Maybe you could learn to play Sweet Baby James on the guitar for him!

Aunt Martha said...

Hi Abby:

I know you will have fun teaching Jimmy about America and helping him grow up! You will have to introduce him to Merrick.

You and Sabrina will have lots of opportunities to babysit.

Aunt Martha

MaKayla said...

Hi Abby,

Jimmy is so cute!!! He looks like he's almost exactly the same size as Merrick. Wouldn't that be cool if they could be friends? Maybe they could have a play date at your house together and then you and Sabrina could be the babysitters. By the way, I think Philip and I need another date night soon. It's getting busy with the holidays, but I need to talk to your mom so we can figure something out. Tell your mom I said hi and that I really really REALLY miss her.

Ms. MaKayla