Friday, September 4, 2009

Eye Doctor

What are all of those machines? What will they do to me? Will they hurt me? No, they won't hurt. The eye doctor is nothing to worry about. The eye doctor is cool! After you know what everything is then it is not so scary.

The eye doctor made me look in these big glasses and she changed the lenses. I had to look at the letters on the wall as they got smaller and smaller. I had to tell the doctor if they got blurry. Then the doctor used another machine to look at my eyes. I had to look up, down, right and left.

I am getting reading glasses. They are oval shaped. They are dark purple. I only have to wear my glasses during reading and writing. I’ll post pictures when I get my glasses. I can’t wait to get them!


Diana Fingal said...

Hi Abby,
Can't wait to see pictures of your purple glasses. I like your style and your attitude. Glasses are cool. (I know because I wear them too!)

Katie said...

Hi Abby,

I am a teacher in Northern VA and I enjoy reading your blog. I got my first glasses in 4th grade, too. I wore contacts for a while but basically I've had glasses for about 50 years - not the same pair of course!

There are so many cool frames now and last year I had purple ones, too, but now I have burgundy ones. I'm thinking about what color to get next.

Can't wait to see a picture of your new glasses. Hope you have a great school year. Our first day of school is Tuesday.

MESMS Library Media Center said...

Hey Abby,

Your new glasses sound cool. I have been wearing glasses for 2 years now. Mine are a purplish-red kind of color. They sure make reading easier, which is super for me since I am a school library media specialist. Love your blog! I am looking forward to your next entry!

Donna Baratta :)

Aunt Martha said...

Hi Abby:

Purple glasses! Cool!

Yeah, there are sure a lot of machines to check your eyes.

I think I started wearing glasses in 3rd grade.

I need to get my eyes checked again to see if I need a new prescription.

Aunt Martha

Mike Porter said...

Really good details, Abby. I especially liked the beginning, because it sounded a bit scary. That got my attention and made me want to keep reading.

Here is a thought about a strategy you might use for your next writing. When you wrote "They are oval shaped. They are dark purple" you could have combined your details into one sentence. It might look something like "They are oval and dark purple." That way you get even more of your great details into fewer sentences. This is called sentence combining, because you are combining two sentences into one, without leaving out the important details.

You really, really did a good job here. Like one of your other readers said, it reminds me that I need to get to the eye doctor. And you reminded me that it isn't too scary!

Anonymous said...

Hi Abby,

Thanks for reminding me to go to the eye doctor! Looking forward to seeing your specs! Tell your mom I said "Hi!"


Anonymous said...

Hey, Abby--

I, too, am eager to see a picture of you wearing your new glasses. I'm sure you'll look extra cool!

It doesn't take long to get used to glasses. I first got mine a year after I moved to Kentucky; I needed them so that I could read music better.

YeYe F.