Sunday, July 22, 2007

July 22, 2007

I already told you that my Mom’s working at my school this year. Here is a picture of her.

Scruffy came over yesterday for a couple of hours. Because we are going to be taking care of him probably for five days so he came over so that he could get used to the house and used to us. Here are some pictures.


Ray said...


It looks like Scruffy likes your house. He seems to be right at home. How does he like you and your Mom and Dad? Does he like to play with you?

G&G Schmidt

diane said...


It looks like you're putting your new camera to good use.

Since I know you like softball/baseball, here is a link to my blog posting about our family trip to a Yankees game:

What other things are you doing this summer? I've just started reading the new Harry Potter book, so I'll be busy for the new few days!

Durff said...

Are you going to take care of Scruffy yourself? My friend's daughter takes care of pets when owners go away and has quite a business going!

Aunt Martha said...

Hi Abby.

Sorry I haven't posted a comment for a couple of days. It has been very busy at work and I've been tired when I got home.

I like the pictures of Scruffy. Sometimes animals are afraid when they go visit other people. He doesn't seem like he is bothered at all with visiting your house. I know my cats would be very afraid to visit someone else's house. They don't like riding in the car.

Abby F. said...

Grandpa – Scruffy likes to play with us but his owners don’t like him to play tug of war. Scruffy wanted to explore our house.

Diane – I’ve heard about the Yankees on TV. Some people talk at the end of Maya and Miguel and I heard the Yankees won lots of games more than the Rockies.

Durff – I’m going to take care of him almost by myself but not all the way by myself. I think maybe we’ll put Scuffy in my room. But if he barks it will wake me up.

Aunt Martha – Scruffy likes riding in the car. They have a van and my friend Cami’s older brother is named Sawyer. Scruffy took over Sawyer’s seat in the van.

Miss Wills' Superstar E! said...

hi Abby

Who is Scruffy's owner? How old and What month and day is it his birthday ? What does Scruffy like doing best with you most and what does Scruffy play with?

Abby F. said...

Superstar E – My friend Cami and Sawyer are Scuffy’s owners. I don’t know when his birthday his.