Monday, July 16, 2007

July 16, 2007

I got to ride in the front of my Grandma and Grandpa’s RV, not my Dad’s Mom and Dad but my Mom’s Mom and Dad. They’ve been traveling with their friends and they have a dog named Brandie – they also have an RV, too.

I went to Royal Gorge last week and I crossed the bridge walking.

We didn’t drive it for some reason, I don’t know why. There’s two choices – we can drive or walk. And I also got to ride the Trolley back over the bridge. I got to ride the tram. That was kind of cool because I got to ride the tram over and come back on the next tram.

I got to ride the merry-go-round.

The next day I got to sit around the campfire at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house at the RV park and I got to eat hamburgers. We didn’t get to roast s'mores that day because it started raining, but we got to make them inside in the microwave. Brandie – their friend’s dog – I got to feed her a lot.


Stevie Kline said...

Hi Abby,

I am an educator who lives in southwestern Pennsylvania. I enjoyed reading your blog. We have a park near us that has a beautiful Merry Go Round too. The name of the park is Kennywood and when our son was young he loved to ride it.

Candace Hackett Shively said...

Hi Abby. I stopped by your blog again and saw that you have great pictures of the scenery from your trip with your grandparents.

I mentioned in my other comment that I live near Gettysburg, and you asked me to tell you what happened there. It was a long time ago (1860s- before Colorado was even a state!), but it was the place where Americans actually fought against each other in a war we call the Civil War. One half of the country (the north) fought against the other half (the south)for several years. It was avery sad time. It was while Abraham Lincoln was president. Gettysburg is where they fought one of the biggest battles of the war and, right in the beautiful farmland, lots of people were killed. So Abraham Lincoln came to Gettysburg a few months later and gave a very famous speech, the Gettysburg Address, all about how the battle had been part of the struggle to save the United States, a very young country at that time. People from different parts of the United States have different views about the Civil War, but it ended with all of us staying together as the USA.

People still come to Gettysburg every July in costumes to camp out, stay in tents, and re-enact the big battle (but no one really gets hurt!). (Photo Gettysburg June, 2005 031 by Dan Rhett, shared on Flickr.)

Maybe someday you will travel east and see Gettysburg.

diane said...


You are a girl with adventure in her blood!

I once climbed the highest mountain in New York State, Mt. Marcy. It was early July, but there was still snow on top of the mountain - boy, were we ever surprised!

Do you like to read about adventures also, or are you too busy right now having adventures?

VWB said...

My older sister and I JUST talked about that bridge yesterday...we were thinking about vacations we had taken and that bridge was so scary to both of us! You sure didn't look scared tho'!
You live in one of my very favorite places...Colorado...lucky girl..and lucky girl to get such a nice adventure with your grandparents making so many nice memories.

From a Library Lady in Texas

MaryAnn Sansonetti said...

Hi, Abby. Blogs are great aren't they? I am so excited to see someone your age using the web this way. You need to thank your parents for allowing you to do this. It sounds like you are having a great time with your grand parents.
I am an educator in Columbia, SC. Keep writing....

Y.Y.Y. said...

Hey, Abby--

I liked your pictures from the Royal Gorge. We've been to Colorado many times, but we've never visited the Gorge. I'm glad you were able to travel a bit with your other grandparents and their friends. It's fun to have picnics, even if it rains--you'll remember for a long time making s'mores in the microwave inside the RV. I hope you didn't feed Brandie too much--dogs don't understand much about proper nutrition!

Ye Ye Yu.

Darren Draper said...

Hi Abby,

This is the coolest blog I've ever read! Thank you so much for writing it.

I am a teacher in Sandy, Utah. We have many beautiful canyons in Utah, too.

Keep up the good writing!


Abby F. said...

Candace – Thank you for telling me what happened in the Civil War. What did Abraham Lincoln say? I liked the picture of the people pretending in the Civil War.

Diane – I’m way too busy having adventures. I have a connection to you - my last year’s teacher was named Mrs. Marcy and you climbed Mt. Marcy.

VWB – I was not scared. It was not even a little scary.

MaryAnn – My grandparents just left yesterday. Yes I did have a good time.

YYY – I fed Brandie dog food for breakfast and dinner.

csyers said...

What a cool blog Abby! Isn't it amazing how people from all over the world are learning about you? I can't wait until my kids (Payton and Brady) are old enough to visit the Royal Gorge. I saw you and your dad in Target the other day buying a new game. Have you played it yet? And more importantly, have you beaten your dad?

Abby F. said...

Cara – Yes, I’ve beaten my Dad. The game was Mancala.

Jim Gates said...

Hi Abby,

I had to stop in to see what all the excitement was about. :-) And then I saw your picture of the tram going across the canyon. YIKES!! I didn't used to be afraid of heights, but I got a butterfly in my stomach just seeing that picture! It looked like you had a lot of fun, though, and I'm glad.

daver said...

Hello Abby,

I really enjoy your pictures of the canyon. I think I would like to visit there some time myself. I think I would choose to walk too, driving sometimes things just go by me too fast.

Dave R
Ann Arbor MI
check out the link to see a webcam of my town, currently we have a festival called ArtFair

shaggyhill said...

Cool, I have never rode in the front seat.
You can check out my blog at

My dad reads your dad's blog and told me about yours.

I can't wait to read another part of your blog tomorrow,

Durff said...

that is one long bridge to cross on foot! I like the pictures.

Lee said...

Hi Abby,
Your blog is terrific. It sounds like you are having a great time. Do you know that I have NEVER been to Colorado? I would love to walk that bridge, too. I live in South Florida. We have some bridges, but no mountains. All the land here is very flat. Florida is a peninsula. If you go all the way to the west of South Florida, you can stand on the Edge of the Gulf of Mexico. If you go all the way to the east, you can stand on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and if you go all the way south, you are at the farthest, most southern point in the United States (which is also only 90 miles from Cuba). Do you know what the southern most part of Florida is called?

Keep up the good work on your blog. I'm looking forward to all you have to say.

Abby F. said...

Lee – No, what is the southern most part of Florida called? I have a connection with you – my grandma and grandpa live in Florida too.

Lee said...

The southern most part of Florida is Key West. The people who live there call themselves the "Conch Republic." Another term for the southern most part is "Mile Marker 1."

That is very cool that your grandparents live in Florida. My grandparents used to live here too. It's very pretty here with lots of palm trees and green grass (all year 'round). My children have seen snow only a few times. They liked it very much. They made snow angels and had snowball fights. What do you do in the snow?

Abby F. said...

Lee – I like to do snowball fights with my Daddy. I like to make snowmen and make snow forts. I like to pick up snow blocks too.

Miss Wills' Superstars said...

Hi Abby.
We are a group of 8 six and seven year old girls. We live in New Zealand. We have just started to read your blog.
As we were reading it, we remembered that we had read a book called “Bridges” by Rod Rees. In the book, there is a picture and some writing about the Royal Gorge Bridge that you crossed with your Grandma and Grandpa.
One of our teachers said that she would be too scared to cross the bridge. We wouldn’t though because we are not scared of heights, we think it would be fun and we are little and light.
We are looking forward to reading more of your blogs and we will start our own one very soon and tell you the address of it.
From Miss Wills’ Superstars!!

Abby F. said...

Miss Wills Superstars – What language do New Zealand people speak?

Miss Wills' Superstars said...

Hi Abby,
Sorry it has taken so long to reply to your comment.
We speak English and Maori in New Zealand. Most people speak English in New Zealand. We learn to speak Maori when our Maori teacher comes to school. Kiaora is for saying Hello.
There are other languages spoken in New Zealand, for example Sri Lankan, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Cantonese, as well as lots of other languages.
Do you speak any other languages?
From Miss Wills' Superstars

Miss Wills' Superstar G said...

when you crossed the brige were you srered

Abby F. said...

Miss Wills Superstars - I have a connection to you because I can speak Chinese a little bit. I go to Chinese school so that I can learn more Chinese. My Mom and Dad go to school but they are not in the class.

Superstar G – No I wasn’t scared crossing the bridge.