Friday, July 13, 2007

July 13, 2007

I already know something about school this year. Miss Hanni is my teacher this year at Renaissance. And my Mom is working at my school as a first grade teacher so that we will ride together every day until we get out of school.

I think Miss Hanni is going to be really cool because she is one of my best teachers I think. I really like Miss Hanni even though I don’t know much about her – I just really like her for some reason. I know Miss Hanni a little bit already because sometimes our classes did things together last year. We studied pioneers together and we watched a movie about Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Miss MaKayla is my Mom’s teammate at school – they teach first grade together. I might be helping her sometimes after school after I get my homework done.


Pilly said...


I hope I have your city right and if I do, click on this link and you will see how far away I am from you.,-95.677068&sspn=33.847644,59.677734&ie=UTF8&z=5&om=1

I am in the Southern part of the United States about 120 miles from where you dad attended NECC 2007 (Atlanta, Georgia).

I am the Technology Resource Teacher for Gadsden City Schools.

When you have time, please listen to some of the podcasts from students in my school district.

Keep up the good work!!! I look forward to hearing from you real soon!

Jenny Moon

diane said...

Did you take the pictures this time? I think it would be fun to let some of our students show us how they see the school. Maybe we should have a "Take your camera to school" Day.

Barb Witkowski said...

Hi Abby!
I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your softball pictures! I have two sons, and both started playing baseball when they were five years old. My younger son is 16 and plays on his high school team. I have been to a lot of baseball games!

I work with technology at a school district in Clarion County, Pennsylvania, which is about halfway between Pittsburgh and Erie. My husband is a teacher there, also, so our sons have always driven to school with us. They liked to come to my room to help me at the end of the day, too!

I'm really proud of you for blogging! I'm hoping to teach some of our elementary kids to blog this year. Maybe they will send you some comments!


Durff said...

You know a lot about your school! Are you sure you are in grade school? You seem so much wiser!

Simon said...

Hey, Abby

Its great to have your thoughts and insight. Us teachers can get a bit 'all about us' sometimes. Your perspective will add a great dimension to this thing called the Edublogosphere. Dad must be so proud of you.
btw I'm from the Hawkes Bay in New Zealand. Global audience means just that.

shaungroves said...

Welcome to the blogosphere.

-Shaun Groves
Nashville, TN

Aunt Martha said...

Hi Abby:

I'm glad you are so excited about your teacher next year and also that your Mom will be there teaching. Wish I could come visit you and your school soon.

Maybe you should come visit me. I have lots of wood that needs to be cut and I need some help!

Cindy said...

Hello Abby,
I stumbled upon your blog. I am thrilled to learn that you are a second grade student. I teach Kindergarten and am always interested to see how elementary school students make use of technology tools. I also train teachers on how to use technology with their students. If you don't mind, I would LOVE to share your blog with them. So many times they think something like blogging is only for the really BIG kids. Thank you so much for putting this blog together. I look forward to reading more soon.
Good luch with your softball team and enjoy the rest of your summer.
By the way, do your friends blog as well, or are you the first? I am planning that my class blog with another Kindergarten class on the other side of my District.We are going to blog as a whole class since they are still learning to write in Kindergarten.
Thanks again!


Abby F. said...

Jenny – Thanks for showing me where you live. I think you are two hours ahead of us.

Diane – No, my Dad did. I think it would be a good idea to take your camera to school.

Barb – I have a connection with you. My Mom is going to be working at my school so we’re going to be riding together like you did with your sons. And I hope I can get my homework done and then I’ll help my Mom and maybe I’ll help other teachers too.

Durff – What’s grade school mean?

Simon – What is the Edublogosphere?

Aunt Martha – Maybe me and my Dad can help you cut wood sometime and we can come out there sometime. I’ve never seen your house before, but I think I’ve seen some of your cats in pictures.

Cindy – It would be okay if you shared my blog with other teachers. No, it’s not just for the really big kids because I already started my blog. Tell them that they’re wrong about that. I think I’m the first of my friends to blog, but I’m not positive.

Rob Darrow said...

Hi Abby - I have added you to my Google Reader so I look forward to reading what you write. I used to teach second grade and loved it! I work with school libraries in Clovis, CA ( which is in Central California. My daughter is now 17 years old and it seems like yesterday when she was in second grade. She just had her wisdom teeth pulled so she is napping right now.

Y.Y.Y. said...

Hey, Abby--

It's only another couple of weeks before you start second grade at Renaissance. I'm sure it will be another exciting year, especially since your mother is now teaching there and you already know some of the other teachers. Be sure to tell us in your blog about some of the new things you are learning.

I'm glad you're willing to help your mother at school after your classes and homework are finished. Teachers are very busy people, and they appreciate all the help that they can get.

Do enjoy the last few days of your summer break!

Ye Ye Yu.

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration to me. I'm a 48 year old teacher who is just learning about blogging and your blog is the first one I have ever read ! I like your pictures and I really hope you have a great year.


Abby F. said...

Karen - How did you know to get to my blog if it was the first blog that you read? Did somebody tell you or something or did you just know?

Durff said...

Grade school is primary and intermediate school or grades K through 5