Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Birds singing
All day long
Start very early in the morning.

I love the warm weather
Playing in the sun
No snow
Getting really hot and sweaty.

Green is the color of the grass in the summer
Tree leaves are the best, they smell like summer
Green is the color of some blooming things
Green is the color of the evergreen trees.


The Dukes said...

These are great poems, Abby! Keep up the good, creative work. Are you having fun writing them?

Aunt Martha said...

Hi Abby:

Very nice poems. They really make me think about spring coming soon!

The birds have been singing very early in the morning and waking me up.

You know that spring is coming when everything starts getting a little bit of green color in it. Lots of the trees are starting to show a little bit of green, except the trees in my hollow don't start as soon as others out in the open.

Pretty soon it will be time to start mowing the lawn! (I guess that is better than shoveling snow.)

Aunt Martha

Abby F. said...


Yes I am having fun writing poems.

Isabelle said...

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