Friday, March 26, 2010

Animal Kingdom

On my second day in Florida I went to Animal Kingdom. I went on the ride Kali River Rapids 4 times and got soaked the last time. I went on Safari and saw animals from a big truck. I saw hippos, elephants, alligators, rhinos, an ostrich, and others. Primeval Whirl was a roller coaster in Dinoland. It was fun because it spun around in circles and had big dips.


The Dukes said...

Now, you wouldn't know this, but ask your Mom and see if she agrees with me, that your Dad's smile was never as big or as bright as it has been since he became your Dad. I can tell how proud they both are of you just by the looks on their faces!

cJ said...

Love all the animal shots. I would love to do the animal safari sometime.

Aunt Martha said...

Hi Abby:

I would really like to go on the River Rapids too. It sure looks like a lot of fun!

The animal safari would be a lot of fun also. Good picture of the ostrich with the rhino in the background.

Aunt Martha

Abby F. said...

I asked my mom and she said you were right.