Thursday, October 15, 2009

Morning with Merrick

Phew! Watching a baby is hard work. I went to see Merrick and Ms. MaKayla on Monday morning at their house. As soon we got there we waited for Merrick to wake to get up from his nap. After Merrick woke up he played with a toddler table. I sat behind Merrick so he did not tip the table on him self. Merrick also played with stacking bowls. Photo time! Ms. MaKayla put Merrick's skeleton pajamas on him and I put on my skeleton costume. His real costume for Halloween is a giraffe. Lunch time for Merrick - he ate baby cereal and he went ahhhh when Ms. MaKayla set the green beans down for a minute. Merrick thought he wasn't going to get the green beans but he did. It was an awesome day.


Aunt Martha said...

Hi Abby:

Great costume! I'd like to see it again with the mask on.

Does it by any chance glow in the dark too?

That is a good photo with you and Merrick both dressed as skeletons!

I'm sure Merrick really likes to have you visit and play with him. You will be very experienced by Christmas and will be able to have the same good time with your cousin Mara.

Aunt Martha

The Dukes said...

Please ask your parents if it would be okay if you move to Kansas so you can be my mother's helper!

Thanks. Let me know what they say!


Abby F. said...

@Aunt Martha,

Merrick's pajamas glow in the dark but my costume does not.

Abby F. said...

I'd love to move there. Just kidding! I would like to see Henry and Ian more often though.

becky said...

Now I know what your costume looks like :-)Pretty cool!
Seeing you playing with Merrick reminds me of years ago when I played with your dad as a baby. Course, he doesn't remember :-)
Hard to believe but hi was once little, and when I'd visit Martha, I'd play with him in his crib because he got up Soooooo early.Everyone else was still sleeping so we'd play quietly in his room.