Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Babysitting Again

Last Saturday night I got to babysit Merrick again at my house. He was starting to catch a cold.


Aunt Martha said...

Hi Abby:

Great pictures. It looks like you and Merrick have a great time together.

I hope he gets over his cold soon. He looks a little bit sleepy in the picture where you are giving him a bottle.

I know Merrick's parents appreciate your help with Merrick.


Aunt Martha

diane said...

What a sweet baby! I'll bet he loves having a young, energetic baby sitter like you :-)

Do you read and/or sing to him? Babies take in a lot more than you would think, and it's never too early to encourage a love of books.

Kathleen said...

Hi Abby,

Your pictures are great. You really are a good babysitter. I know you were a great help to Merrick's Mom. Now you know the what it was like for your Mom when you were that little. Keep up the good work and remember to read Merrick a story when you are watching him.

Have you had anyh snow in Colorado? We have family who live in Centennial,CO and they always have snow before we do in Pennsylvania.

Mrs. Burgess

MaKayla said...

Wow Abby! You're the best babysitter in the world! I can tell that Merrick LOVES being with you. You took such great care of him even though he was sick, crabby, and whiny that night. He just wasn't feeling good. The good news is that he is feeling much better now!

Ms. MaKayla