Friday, August 28, 2009


Crack! The bat hits the flying ball. It is softball season. I'm on the Warriors team. Everybody is pretty good.

I have to wear a helmet with a chin strap and a face guard. I also have a glove so that I can field the ball with it. My glove is purple and black. I have to wear a uniform and it has my number on the back and front. My number is 8. I also have to wear long socks to protect my legs. I also have to wear a red shirt and my uniform over top of my red shirt. I have a red metal bat.

When you are fielding, before the ball is hit you have to be thinking about what you do if the ball is hit to you. Try to get the nearest out. If it’s hit your way, but it stops, go to the ball.

I am really good at pitching because I get the ball over the plate. After you pitch the ball you have be ready to field the ball. You have to wait for the umpire to be ready before you pitch the ball.

When you are hitting here are some tips. You should keep your eye on the ball so you see the ball come over the plate. Here is another tip: try and time the pitch so you can hit it right to the out field.

After you hit the ball, run as fast as you can. Remember to run through first base and home plate. Stop at second and third base.

When we are at the game we cheer on our teammates. Here is one of my team cheers: There was a little froggy. He sat upon log. He rooted for the other team and had no sense at all. He fell into the water and bumped his little head and when he came back up again this is what he said: Go, go, go, go, you mighty Warriors. Win, win, win, win, you mighty Warriors. Fight, fight, fight, fight, you mighty Warriors. Go, fight, win and do it all again.

Always try as hard as you can and have fun!


Franki said...

What a great piece of writing! I especially LOVE your lead. It drew me right into the story. I learned a lot about the sport from reading and the photos added to the piece. Thanks for sharing!

Wendy said...

Thanks for posting about your softball team! The beginning really caught my interest and compelled me to keep reading to find out more. I have never played softball, so it was interesting to find out so much about it and I really learned a lot with your tips you added.

Thanks for the blog!

Aunt Wendy

Anonymous said...

Hi Abby,
You are such a good writer!!

Your first paragraph really made me want to continue reading.

I really like how you described fielding, pitching, hitting and running. When you used before, first, and after it helped me understand exactly what you were saying.

I happen to think you have an absolutely perfect ending!!!

Am I right in thinking that pitching is the most fun for you?


Connie said...

I enjoyed your blog post. I never played on a softball team when I was growing up. I lived in the country and there were not teams for girls then.

My grandson plays on a team in Alabama and he pitches sometimes too.

You presented the information in your post in an interesting and organized way and your introduction and ending really tied the story together.

Keep up the good work on the field and in your writing-and your Dad or Mom did a nice job with the photos too.

sue said...

Very nice work Abby. I liked reading your blog. Your description of softball helped create a picture in my mind of what it is like for you to play the game. The real pictures were a nice connection too. I loved how you described what you are thinking as you play the game. I bet you are a good softball player! You are a good writer also. Keep it up!

cJ said...


Your post was so informative. You did a great job writing. I love how you caught my eye with the beginning sentences. I wanted to read more. Then I learned so much about playing softball. Thank you


Anonymous said...

Hey, Abby--

I liked your story about softball! It was a good description of the many things a player has to think about during a game. I especially liked the auditory aspect of your atory: the crack of the bat at the beginning and the sound of players cheering teammates later on. That really drew me into the story.

Keep writing and keep enjoying softball. You're doing well in both.

Thanks for sharing the story and the photos with us. We look forward to reading more about what you're doing.


YeYe F.

Aunt Martha said...

Caught! I can feel myself catching that flying ball!

That is a very complete description of your uniform and it makes it easy to picture it (even without the pictures you posted of it).

It is good that you can think ahead before the ball is hit so that you can anticipate what to do. I saw you do that in a video of one of your games.

It is sometimes hard to aim at the plate. I am glad that you are good at getting the ball over the plate. How do you know when the umpire is ready for you to pitch the ball?

It takes talent to anticipate when the ball will cross home plate so you can hit it.

I know you can run fast (and hit well) since you hit a home run this summer, so it must be easy for you to run to all the bases.

That is a funny cheer for your team. I have never heard that one. The only one I can remember is "Alligator, alligator, teeth like a saw, eat 'em up, eat 'em up, rah! rah! rah!"

Keep up the good work in softball and with your school work. Your writing is very descriptive and makes it fun to read.

I can't wait for the next posting!

Aunt Martha

Donna said...

Abby, I just looked back at your goals for writing and you are doing well on those goals. You are posting more often on your blog and you are doing a great job of including more detail and of making your stories more interesting. This entry about softball was informative and kept my interest and the last sentence is a very smart one! Keep up the good work!

Grandma F.