Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Goals

Goals for Reading
- Show more stamina
- Show perseverance
- Stay calm and relaxed – don’t get upset about mistakes
- Look carefully at words to notice little differences (than/then)
- Work up to reading longer chapter books like “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”

Goals for Writing
- Show more stamina
- Work on spelling
- Write more details in my pieces
- Write more emails and blog posts

What are your goals for reading and writing? If you read my blog could you please make a comment about how you use reading and writing and what your reading and writing goals are? I really want to know what you do. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I don't stress about being able to read aloud perfectly. I know that my brain takes in the information in large chunks faster than I can speak. This cause me problems reading aloud.

I'm dysgraphic so I prefer to type rather than hand-write because it eliminates the fine motor part of the problem.

When I want to add a place to my writing, I use Google Earth to look at the place while describing it.

pwp said...

Hi Abby. I have just started blogging for my job. I was not a real blogger before I was asked to start blogging for work. SO I have some goals for reading and writing too.

increase the number of blogs I read that are in my RSS feed. (A lot of the time I say I'm too busy to read.)

read/listen to more books for pleasure.

not recycle magazines without reading them first.

write at least one blog post a week for work.

keep a picture journal on Twitter.

Thanks for asking your readers to do this.

Shelley said...

Dear Abby, I love that you're being so transparent in your learning here! I didn't figure out how helpful that was until much later in life, so kudos to you!

Now that I'm an adult and lucky enough to not have to worry too much about the mechanics of reading, here are some top-of-the-head ideas about what I'm doing when I'm reading:

I love to get lost in an exciting story.
I'm sometimes looking for great stories to share with others.
I'm hoping to understand someone else's perspective.
I'm looking for clues about how someone got to where they are now.
I'm wanting to connect with another person's ideas and experiences.
I'm open to persuasion and convincement.
I anticipate being moved to act.
I expect that my own ideas will be challenged and/or strengthened.

In writing, I am hoping to make a connection... either in myself, between a collection of ideas, or with others, and their ideas.
I also write to savor and save moments or experiences I don't want to lose.
I write to think my way all the way through a new idea.
I write to offer feedback to others. (Like this!)

Christine Archer said...

Hi Abby,

Those are great goals that you have.

I have to read and write everyday in my job as a technology coordinator. Here are my goals this year.

-read more for pleasure (I don't do it enough)
-use a highlighter to indicate important things
-try to tag and share more of my readings with others

-write more on my blog
-try not to be embarrassed
-re-read for mistakes

I love that you wrote them down and now I have too. Good luck working on them.

Mary said...

Hi Abby,

I have been a reading and writing teacher for many years, and I have a granddaughter about your age.

I applaud you for setting reading and writing goals. Be sure to set reasonable ones that you can meet, or you'll become discouraged.

In addition to the school-related goals about spelling, sounding out words, etc. try to set some time each week (or each day if you can) for reading and writing just for fun. Find a book that you love to read and can't put down. Get a pretty journal and do some personal writing--just for you to see--as often as possible. It will help your writing because it's great practice, and it will also be fun for you to read when you get older.

Good luck. Reading and writing are my favorite things to do. I hope they will be for you as well.

amybyrd said...

Maybe add have fun to your list--I love reading and its fun,I don't like writing as much so I try to do it in fun ways--like writing on my blog. I write little reviews of my books on goodreads--its a good way to see your reading progress and share your thoughts--you can put little wigits on your blog as well!

Mr. Moore said...


First of all (and I think you already know this) readers become great readers by reading, just as writers become great writers by writing. Your goal about stamina is right on track.

One thing I do is keep a list of the things I like to read. It helps me pick new books, magazine articles, and things to read online.

Right now, my favorite way to write is using a blog. I use it for my classroom, but I also use another blog to share things with my family. I've been trying to write more on Twitter, but sometimes I feel a bit intimidated by the huge audience.

My own goals for reading and writing are focused on being a better example for my students. I never thought of myself as a writer. Last year, my students taught me that we can all be writers.

I see that you are going to work on spelling this year. The best thing you can do is read! When you see words spelled correctly over and over again in your books, it does so much to help you as a speller.

My best advice is this: read as a writer, and write as a reader. This means when you read, think like an author. When you write, think like an audience.

Your blog is very impressive. Would it be OK with you if I share it with my 5th grade students next year?

~ Chris Moore

ItIsIRick said...

I have dyslexia and I have just recently discovered enjoyment in reading. My son is 9 years old and my daughter is 7. My son loves to read and it is as natural at riding a bike for him. My daughter has a bit more trouble. My Son loved reading Harry Potter. The one advice I would give any child reading is try. Try to read things that you are not sure of or might not get. For me, I need to write blog posts more often and continue to read for enjoyment. Good Luck with your goals.

Now What? said...

Hi Abby,

I enjoy reading your blog and you have helped show me how I can use a blog with my students.

I am a Librarian/Technology instructor in a PreK to 8 school. Presently, I am reading The House in the Night by Susan Marie Swanson to share with students in September. Also reading a book recommended by my granddaughter to read to the 6 graders The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.

One of my goals for the new school
year is to encourage blogging with my students. Also, I like to read but would like to become better at writing.

I hope you attain some or all of your goals for the coming school year. Keep up your blog writing. You are doing a great job.

Mike said...

Hi Abby,
Let see as for my goals would be to reading would be to read more. I like to read and just don't get to read like I want to. For the most time I fall a sleep and can not read more.

I hope you get to all you goals. Let me know how it goes.

Tammy Gillmore said...

My reading goals: to step outside my little reading box and read novels that I thought I might not like. I finding out that I like more and more genres!

My writing goals: to write and learn from the great authors how to again step outside my writing box and try different writing styles.

Thanks for allowing me to think and reflect about this!

Danika Barker said...

Hi Abby,

I think it's really great to set goals for reading and writing. I haven't done that myself, but I think I'll start with reading more books for fun--not just books for work (even though I sometimes think those books are fun) and write about my thoughts about these books in my blog so I can share with students. I think the more you read and the more you write, the better you become at both. Good luck with your goals!

Suzie Boss said...

Hi Abby,
Stamina is a terrific goal for both reading and writing. I'm going to borrow that one.
Sometimes I get into a reading rut and stick with authors I already know about. I'm going to push myself to explore more new voices.
I like writing stories that inspire people to try something new. From the number of comments you have here, I think you've already figured out how to motivate readers. Well done!

cJ said...

When I read I like to put myself in the shoes of the character in the book. I also like to think about if I would handle the situation in the book the same way as the character. I think this helps me feel like a part of the story and I enjoy the book so much more. My goal is to try to read different types of book, so that I can experience more of the world and learn how others think.

When it come to writing. I need to work on being a better writer and expressing myself in different ways. I also need to be better about posting to our different blogs. So I guess that would be my goal.

I think you are doing great. Just keep moving forward. You can do anything that you put your mind to. I believe in you.

Mr. R. said...

I use reading to transport myself/my children/my students into other character's lives and their worlds.

I like to imagine what it would be like if I had the Chocolate Touch or discovered a golden ticket to Wonka's candy factory!

I can relate to some characters like Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn, young Abe Lincoln, and Calvin/Hobbes kind of in the same way that I can relate to my real-life friends. They make me snicker out loud and shake my head with their shenanigans.

I use writing to communicate my thoughts and opinions to others. Some of my friends/people that I look up to as role models like to read poetry, maybe wiki/blog comments, others e-mail, so I think about what the best way is to communicate my ideas with my audience.

Goals for Reading:
-Ask friends/role models for their suggestions
-Pass along my suggestions for good books to anyone who is interested
-Use reading as a tool to become an effective teacher, supportive/nurturing parent and keep my curiosity going

Goals for Writing:
-Share my ideas/interests/strengths with others to make a positive change in the world
-Demonstrate to my children and classroom students that I am a writer who struggles with what to write but also feels good when my message/voice is out there for other people to read

I will post this response and a link to your post on my blog (creativeclimate.blogspot.com). Do you know what is funny? Look at the comments to my posts on my blog. Most of my posts have zero comments, so I posted a tool that I use to see who is visiting my blog from around the world. That is what I use for posting motivation. You are a better blogger than I am! :)

By the way: I stumbled across your blog while I was on Twitter!

Aunt Martha said...

Hi Abby:

Wow! Look at all the comments today!

It is very impressive that you have generated so many responses.

Some of my goals:


--Look for some new authors who write different kinds of books than I usually read (I read mostly mystery or suspense type books).

--It helps me to keep a list on my computer of the authors and titles I have read. I need to keep this updated better.

--I also keep a list of authors and books I would like to read. I look on-line through several bookstore catalogs to get ideas of authors and titles and then I can add them to my list. This is also how I find out about new books that come out for my favorite authors.

--I have the problem of reading too much! There are times when I should be doing other things (cleaning, shopping, and so on) and I read instead. I need to learn to prioritize my time better.


--I would like to keep up better with my correspondence. Instead of forwarding so many jokes to friends on line, I would like to keep in touch more by writing back and forth to people.

--I want to keep on with my list of authors and books to read and find new types of books to enjoy.

I have read so many books that my small town library does not have very much for me to read. I have to log onto their on-line catalog and order books transferred in from other and bigger libraries!

I have heard of a program at some libraries where children spend time reading to a dog. This helps them to not feel so uncomfortable if they make a mistake, and gives them lots of practice in reading aloud. Do you think that would be a good idea to try?

Keep up the good work. I really enjoy checking every day to see if you have a new blog post.

Aunt Martha

Wendy said...

Hi Abby!

I love all of your goals for reading and writing. I need to write them down to help me out too. Even at 30, I would still love to improve on my reading and writing skills. I still get nervous when I have to read aloud in class or at meetings. So your 3rd goal for reading: “stay calm and relaxed” really applies to me and I need to memorize that one!

For my goals, I would love to keep reading a book a week. I really got into it while pregnant with your cousin, Mara, but lately I’ve gotten behind in my reading. I need to go to the bookstore sometime soon and get some new ones to motivate myself into more reading.

For my writing goals, I would love to be able to write better. I always feel that other people can put their thoughts into words so much easier then anything I could. And I think it’d be pretty fun to write a book on all the wacky experiences I’ve had in my previous jobs as a Funeral Director…maybe some day!

Thank you for posting your goals. I hope everything is going well for you!

Aunt Wendy

Anonymous said...

Hi Abby!!!

I love your goals for reading and writing, but I am a bit concerned that you didn't put have fun as a goal. When I read 90% of the time it is for fun. I LOVE getting lost in a good story and usually get sad when it ends. That is until I find my next book to read:)

Interesting that you ask for other's goals in both areas! Hmmmm, kind of hard actually. I guess for reading I would have to say I need to work on reading more professional pieces. For writing I just need to actually write! I will work on modeling my own writing this year for my students if you work on having FUN with your work!!!

It's not the same at REMS without you and your mom. I hope you come by school to say hi!


DXR said...

Hello Abby,
I like your goals. I have a goals I'm working on too.
-I'm reading a hard book how to program and sometimes I get discouraged. But I took a short break and I'm reading it again... yeah me... and yeah you for your great reading goals.

- I definitely need improvement even now. I need to really choose my words well when I write my emails at work or they can and have been misunderstood. Even though I'm not a book writer I and all of us need to continuously improve our writing, particularly me.

Abby F. said...

Hi everyone,

Thank you for writing to my blog. I love reading all your comments. I've gotten a lot of good ideas.

@Mr. Moore - Yes, you can share my blog with your class. I hope they like it.

@Aunt Martha - Our library has a "read to a dog" program but I don't really know if I want to do that.

@Aunt Wendy - I want you to write that book so that I can read it. You could also write a book about Mara. I would really like to read that one.

The Dukes said...

Wow, Abby, over 20 comments! I never get over 20 comments on my blog! You know you have really hit a topic that is important to people when you have this responses.

My goals for reading:
-Read for pleasure.
-Read more about current events.

My goals for writing:
-Write more stories on my blog. (I have been focusing more on photography than writing.)
-Write down ideas for children's books when I have them.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Abby--

You've received a lot of great responses to your latest posting!

I guess I've never tried to list goals for reading and writing, so your posting has been a good stimulus for me. Your request has generated a lot of ideas rolling around in my head, and I'd like to think about them more when I have more time than at this late hour of 2:30 AM. I'll write again later.

But one thing I can say for sure is that one of my goals for reading is to be able to look at things from different viewpoints and perspectives. And my reading your posting has certainly done that for me on this occasion.

As I'm thinking about my responses, a lot of examples come to mind, and I realize that what I write could very easily run into far more than would be appropriate for a comment on a blog posting. That helped me identify what is undoubtably one of my goals for writing: to be able to say things more succinctly--that is, more to the point and with fewer words.

I'll write again soon on this topic.

YeYe F.

Anonymous said...

Hello Abby:
You have wonderful goals for the year. You might enjoy reading the books about the American Girls
such as Felicity and Josephina. If you read all the books about one girl at a time you will become well acquainted with her and her adventures and her family. Each book is not so very long. Best wishes as you begin a year of excitement and discovery. Joyce hahn (a friend of your Grandmother). P.S. I was glad to see your wonderful pictures, even some taken in Kentucky

Jill said...


I normally don’t comment on your blog since we talk about each post you write but I wanted to add my reading and writing goals to the others in this comment section. I love the goals you have written for reading and writing. You are already making great progress towards meeting some of your goals. Keep it up!

Goals for Reading
- I need to read more fiction books. I love to get lost in the stories but I end up reading nonfiction books about teaching more than I read fiction books.
- I need to find other times during the day to read in addition to right before bed. I am so tired at the end of the day that I can’t read very long. I would read more if I read at other times of the day, too.
- I love to read almost any kind of book but I end up reading a lot of mysteries. I need to remember to look for other kinds of books that I will like also.
- I enjoy reading blogs about people’s daily lives and thoughts as well as blogs about teaching. I need to look for more blogs that I can read.

Goals for Writing
- I write a lot of emails to friends and family members and I need to keep doing that.
- I would like to learn more about some of the online writing tools that other people use like Twitter or Diigo or Facebook or others that I may not know about.
- I am starting an online class about teaching writing and I hope to learn many new things from it. I will get more writing practice when I do my homework assignments for this class.


Donna said...

Hi Abby,
Through reading I can visit far-off lands or travel back in time. I can meet many people or have new adventures that I would never have otherwise. I love to read, but I have to learn to stop when it is bedtime:)

I like to explore a topic through many authors in both fiction and nonfiction books. I just recently read a number of books set in England during the time of King Henry VIII. Next,I'm going to read about early settlers of Appalachia.

I also like to discover a new (to me) author of novels and read several of that person's books.

As to writing, I find that since I retired, I don't have occasion to write much anymore. I do need to do better job of writing and answering emails:)

Grandma F.

Renata said...


Hi, my name is Renata Hahn Kennison and I have known your parents since we were all in elementary school. I rode the bus to junior high school with your Mama and enjoyed German classes as well as many others with your Daddy. I am an English teacher and librarian at a high school in Covington, Kentucky just across t he river from Cincinnati Ohio. I have three sons Patrick (25), Cullen (22) and Luke (13) and a daughter Jewelie (19).

My goals at work this year are as follows:

1.To have special lunch periods where students can listen to guest speakers

2. To weed (get rid of) out of date science and technology materials

3. To increase the number of students and teachers who come to the library by ten percent.

My personal goals are:

1. To be healthier, try to exercise and lose a little (or a lot) of weight

2. To help my son Cullen and his fiancé Amanda get ready for their wedding on June 12 next year

3. To help my mother get her home and farm ready to have a wedding next year

4.To help my son Luke, who is dyslexic, learn to study and prepare for tests. Right now he does really well getting his homework, class work and extra credit done but, has a really hard time with tests.

My son Luke really likes setting goals and so far has set a goal to buy a gecko and has done it. Set a goal last year to get at least an 80 in all of his classes so that he would be allowed to go to Universal studios this summer and he made it! He went to a tutor once a week all year and improved his reading scores almost an entire year’s level. He has also set a goal to buy a video game system and was able to buy himself a Wii with his own money when he was in the 6th grade. This year, his goal is to get at least an 80 in all of his classes so that he will be allowed to have a cell phone that he can use to text on next summer. He is also working in Boy Scouts to get his Cycling Merit Badge and hopes to have Star Rank by the end of September.

I think that goals are hopes, plans and dreams that we work on to make our lives or the lives of our families better. I hope this helps. Good luck with the goals you have set.


Sitara said...

Dear Abby,
My goals for reading are:
*read 1 chapter book every week;
*read Charlotte's Web.

My goals for writing are:
*write personal narratives;
*find a pen pal;
*write in a journal.


PS-I wish I had a blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Abby Min-Min:

I’m sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to commenting further about reading and writing. We’ve been busy here, with visits from your Grandparents S. early in the month and your Uncle John, Aunt Wendy, and Cousin Mara last week.

In your blog, you asked how I use reading and writing. First of all, I find great pleasure in reading. It provides me with information and introduces me to new ideas, thoughts, and words—all of which I find very satisfying. It allows me to experience new worlds and places vicariously. (“Vicariously” is a good word—look up its meaning in a dictionary.) It stimulates my brain for articles I write, and it offers examples of good writing that I try to emulate. (“Emulate” is another good word to look up.) I learn many lessons from reading history and about others’ experiences.

I use writing for communication with others and to share ideas. I can also use writing to record events and experiences. Writing can help me organize and clarify my thoughts.

Here are some of my current goals for reading: (1) make more notes of the ideas I’ve gained from reading, (2) keep a list of words that are not in my vocabulary and to look up their definitions, (3) become more aware of meanings, (4) continue to look at things from new and different viewpoints, (5) concentrate on reading only one book at a time (I often have two or three underway at the same time), (6) try to limit my habit of reading far into the night (I can easily get into a “zone” and don’t want to stop reading; thus I lose a lot of sleep!), and (7) set up a priority list for reading the many books I’ve purchased in the past several years and have not yet gotten around to reading.

In writing, I would like to pursue these goals: (1) communicate more frequently with old friends, (2) consult a thesaurus* more regularly with regard to elaborations and variations in meaning of words (3) start writing a piece even though I don’t have all my thoughts about it in my head (sometimes I delay writing unnecessarily—I can always add things and polish my phrases during the several revisions I usually do), and (4) try to be more succinct, using fewer words to get to the point of what I’m trying to write (the length of this communication is evidence that I really need to work on this goal!).

I hope you’ll find these comments useful as you continue to think about your own purposes and goals for reading and writing.

And above all: Keep reading and writing!

YeYe F.

* “The word thesaurus comes from the Greek word for treasure.”
“A dictionary provides information about a word by listing its meanings, whereas a thesaurus provides information about an idea by listing the range of words and phrases associated with it.”
-- Bartlett’s Roget’s
Thesaurus, 1996, p. vii