Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cooking Dinner

I cooked dinner tonight. I cooked Spaghetti Pie. I got the recipe from a cookbook that I got for Christmas from my grandma and grandpa. It was layers of spaghetti noodles, cottage cheese, meat sauce and mozzarella cheese. It was very good.


Aunt Martha said...

Hi Abby:

Ooh, that just made me hungry! It looks very, very good.

Do you think we could make it with gluten-free spaghetti for Grandma?

Aunt Martha

P.S I really like the new background color on your blog. It is my favorite color.

Summit said...

Hi Abby,

That dinner you made looks so good! I'll have to make that for us sometime.

Are those herbs growing in the little containers behind you in one of the pictures?

Aunt Wendy

The Dukes said...

Joe and I both LOVE to cook. I wanted to ask you about your gas stove- did you like cooking with it? We are going to have a gas range in our new house and real fire in the middle of my kitchen scares me!

Abby F. said...

Aunt Wendy,
Those are not herbs those are a carrot and a radish that I am growing

I think it is sort of scary to have a gas stove.Cool, you are getting a new house.