Thursday, January 14, 2010

DU Women's Basketball

I went to a DU women's basketball game on Sunday, 1-10-10. I went to the basketball game because they had a basketball clinic for girls that are my age and play basketball before the game. They had 2 girls from the DU team who were not playing in the game Sunday help us. The head coach and the assistant coach helped us get better, too. We did some drills that they made fun. Eight girls from my team were at the clinic. Everybody at the clinic got to go to the game for free because they were trying to get fans for the women's team. The best part of the day was seeing them play and doing the things that they taught us in the clinic. It was a really good day.


Aunt Martha said...

Hi Abby:

I really like those pictures from the DU game, especially the picture on the jumbrotron!

It helps to see players in action after learning about various moves and plays. It makes learning more fun.

I hope you get to go to another game sometime soon.

Aunt Martha

Wendy said...

Hi Abby!

That's so great you got some tips from the players at the game. Hope you had a great time! I love the picture of you shooting a basket!

Did you update your blog design? Looks great!

Aunt Wendy

Abby F. said...

Aunt Wendy,
I did update my blog.

P.S Thanks for noticing.

Summit said...

Hi Abby,

The color is great, and it especially brings out the brightness of the basketball pictures. Great choice.

Aunt Wendy

Anonymous said...

Hello Abby,

I love reading about the things you do. It looks like the basketball game and all was a good time. What all did you learn there? I like the new look of your blog you picked the color I like the most. Keep writting and let me know how things are going.

Uncle Mike