Thursday, October 23, 2008

Florida Day 5

I went to Sea World. I saw a dolphin and whale show. The dolphins and the whales jumped so high that their whole body was out of the water. Also at this show were people dressed in costumes and on bungee cords pretending to fly. After the show my Dad fed the dolphins and I tried to pet them. A trainer came over and helped get the dolphin over with a special whistle so I could pet it.

Then we saw a killer whale swimming around right up by the glass. Next we saw the Shamu show. The trainers had to train the whales to do all the cool stuff that the whales can do now. The killer whales jumped all the way out of the water. It was really fun because they got their body all the way up. There was a baby whale.

Before I went on the Whale Express roller coaster I got to climb on the nets. I could get up the nets all by myself this year. Then we went on the Whale Express roller coaster. It was really slow. It was fun because it was so slow. While I was climbing the nets my Grandma and Grandpa bought me a t-shirt with a killer whale on it. I like it.

Then we saw the penguins. Then we saw puffins with people in the tank cleaning it. Then we saw really big sea turtles. They were sleeping. Then we saw pearl divers. Last, we went home. It was a really good day.

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Aunt Martha said...

Hi Abby:

I really like the dolphins. I will have to visit there with you sometime.

Can you post a picture of Brandie so we can see what she looks like?