Sunday, September 9, 2007

September 8, 2007 - A New Josie

I got a new Josie. She came on Friday. Here is a picture of her and my old Josie. They are twins. I got the rest of the money by dog sitting Scruffy which if you read my blog you know who Scruffy is. If you haven’t read my blog, then you don’t know who Scruffy is before you come to this post. Her clothes are different than Josie’s because she has purple and old Josie has never had purple before. I tell them apart because old Josie has a little dot for an eyebrow and new Josie does not have eyebrows.


Aunt Martha said...

Hi Abby:

It's nice that Josie now has a sister. They can share clothes like sisters do sometimes.

Now you can start saving up to buy both Josies new clothes to wear!

Too bad you don't live closer to me. You could come take care of my cats.

I have to put food in their bowls twice a day and fill the water bowls too. Then I have to spoon poop out of four litter boxes every night. Once a week I have to dump the litter out and wash the litter boxes and put clean litter in.

It's a lot of work!

Ian and Henry said...

Hi Abby,

Your dad used to be one of my teachers. I live in Lawrence, KS now and I have a blog, too! I just thought about your dad the other day because I mentioned line segments in one of my posts. (See Karl, I was listening while my mouth was moving. :) )

Twins are a lot of work but we think you'll love having two Josie's to hug and dress in cute outfits. I used to put preemie clothes on my baby dolls (Walmart has the best selection), but I found some even cheaper deals at garage sales. Walmart also has a whole pack of newborn baby diapers for less than $7!!! I loved real diapers for my dolls.

I wonder how many different states your blog readers live in? Mark us down for Kansas, we just found you today!