Sunday, September 2, 2007

September 2, 2007 - More About Scruffy

Scruffy wanted to go for a walk before we even had breakfast. And then we couldn’t take him for his evening walk because it was raining. We brushed him and gave him Cheerios because that's what makes him hold still. And then we gave him a bone. I read to him while he chewed his bone. I read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.


diane said...

Does Scruffy also like "Green Eggs and Ham"? Or do you think that "Henry and Mudge" would be more his style?

He doesn't really look scruffy at all: just rather nice and ruffly.

I hope school is going well for you. Our students begin on Thursday.

How wonderful that you're a reader!

Linc. said...

Hey, Abby--

I'm glad to hear that you're reading to Scruffy. A lot of dogs seem to like that, and it gives you good reading practice, too. I remember that you read to a dog once before when you were taking care of him.

I'll bet a "Henry and Mudge" story would be just right for Scruffy!

When does Scruffy go home?

Uncle John is coming to visit on Tuesday and on Thursday he is going to camp for a few days at Cave Run Lake with two of his friends from high school (a long time ago), as he does every year. He's taking his friend Wendy to the lake this year.

I wish you would send some of your rain to Kentucky--we really need it this year.

We enjoy all your blog postings!

-- Ye Ye F.

Durff said...

I live that book! Does Scruffy like it too?

Abby F. said...

Durff – Scruffy liked that Henry and Mudge book.