Friday, June 18, 2010


We want for a walk last night and this morning.

Annie liked to listen to me play guitar.

Annie sat and waited for my mom to get out of the shower.

This is were Annie sleeps at night.

Annie likes to look out the window.

I got to brush Annie.


MaKayla said...

What a beautiful dog!!! I bet Merrick is going to want one just like her.

The Dukes said...

1) It looks like you are an old pro at being a dog owner Abby!

2) I'm a little shocked your mom approved of you posting a picture of her in the shower, even if it was just lower leg showing!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ab--

I'm enjoying your posts about Annie.

Maybe I'll start to share with you some stories about my dog Peanuts who was my close companion for many years.

You will have lots of fun (and many responsibilities) with Annie.

Much love.

YeYe F.

Aunt Martha said...

Hi Abby:

Love the pictures of Annie! I especially like the one where she is listening to you play the guitar.

And the one where Annie is waiting for Jill to get out of the shower.

She is figuring out that she is now in her "forever" home. She will be lots of company in the years to come.

Aunt Martha

Aunt Martha said...

I just noticed when I looked at the pictures again, that Annie's cage is in your room. That way, she won't be lonely at night!

Wonder if Annie will stay that close to the shower after you give her the first bath!

Aunt Martha