Monday, June 21, 2010

Annie Update

Annie is very good with little kids. My friend, Jimmy, who is almost 2, came over and Annie did very well with him. One time he threw one of his rubber blocks and Annie thought they were playing fetch so she ran and picked up the block. She gave it back though.

Today we got her a new bed and moved her crate to the basement. She got too hot in her crate in my room at night. So tonight we are going to try the new bed so she can go downstairs to the tile floor in the kitchen when she gets hot.

We left her alone for the first time on Saturday when I had a softball game. We left her in her crate. Today we tried to leave her alone without her being in her crate for 15 minutes. She chewed the corner off of her food container. We are going to move the food container and try again tomorrow.

We put Annie’s new collar and new name tag on today. The collar is red and the nametag says “Annie” and where she lives.

She loves to play. Her favorites are tug and chasing a ball down the stairs.

She likes it when we read at night in our bedroom. I call my room “Annie and Abby’s Room” now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Abby,

Great pictures! Did you take them? Love Annie's bed, looks very comfy. Thanks for sharing about your new pet!

Aunt Wendy

Aunt Martha said...

Hi Abby:

The new bed should make her feel more comfortable than staying in her crate.

Some dogs instinctively know how to act around small children. I'm glad Annie knows how to act.

I bet Jimmy liked it when Annie fetched the block he threw!

Annie is probably still getting used to being in a "forever" home. I'm sure she will settle down soon and not chew on things when you leave her. She is still anxious about her new home.

Keep taking pictures. I love to see all of them.

Has your finger healed enough that you can play softball again?

Aunt Martha

jtrly said...

Looks like you and your parents are making a nice comfortable home for Annie.

Great pictures and sure you are excited to show off Annie to your Grandparents. Have fun. Delores/Jim

Sadhna said...

Dear Abby,

Annie is a beautiful dog! You are so lucky to have a pet. I'm glad you explained how she got her name because I was curious about that. I remember the first Annie - she was a good dog too.

How old is Annie? Will she grow bigger? She looks full-grown in the pictures, but it's hard to tell.

Have fun with Annie and keep posting new pictures!