Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Babysitting is a lot of hard work but a lot of fun. Here are some tips about babysitting.

You help the kids’ parents do what they need to do and not have to worry about the kids. If the kids’ parents have to do something that the kids are not allowed to go to, you are doing them a favor by watching the kids. The kids can stay at home while the kids’ parents can do what they need to do.

If you are babysitting you have to know what to do if somebody gets hurt. You have to help them feel better by getting them a band-aid. Or if you do not know what to do you should probably call your mom and dad for them to tell you what you should do. But if you are a good babysitter you should know what to do like put a band-aid on a cut or a scratch. You should always know where the band-aids are in the house you are babysitting at so that if somebody does get hurt you can find the band-aids easily so that you can get the cut or scratch in the band-aid as soon as possible. If the kid keeps complaining that it still hurts you should probably call your mom and dad for help.

If somebody else wants to play when you are babysitting then the little ones can play outside if they want to. If they want to come in you, as the babysitter, have to tell the kids that you are not babysitting “no” in a nice way. You can say you can still play outside with each other but if they want to come in to the house you are babysitting you have to explain why they cannot come in the house when you are babysitting. What I mean by that is if too many kids are in the house you are babysitting you have to be responsible for all of those kids and you have to watch all the kids which can be hard at times. If one kid gets hurt you have to help that kid and you can’t watch the other kids while you are taking care of the kid that got hurt. Also, you can’t have other kids in the house when you are babysitting because you are not used to watching the kids in that house. So that is why the only kids that can be in the house when you are babysitting are the kids that live there.

You should ask the parents if you are going to feed the kids to see what they like and to see what they are allergic to if anything. Then you should ask the kids’ parents if they have anything particular they want you to make for their kids. If the kids’ parents don’t have something planned, you can make something that the kids are not allergic to.

If you have to put the kid that you are babysitting to bed you should ask the kid’s parents how they put the kid to bed so that you can do it the way the kid or kids are used to. You, also, as a babysitter, have to make sure that the kids do not wake up. If they do wake up you have to help them fall back asleep. You have to do what ever you think is right to do to try and get the kid back to sleep. I would suggest if you have to put the kid or kids to bed you should bring something to do. If you have not gotten your homework done you should bring that along if you know that you are going to put the kid to bed. If you have gotten your homework done before you babysit that is great, then bring a book to read or you can just sit around. If the kids’ parents stay out really late you can try to get some sleep yourself so that you can drive yourself home safely. If you try to get some sleep yourself you have to be pretty close to the kid or kids’ rooms.

As you can see, I am really excited about starting to baby-sit in about two years from now. I think my mom inspired me to baby-sit because she babysat all the kids in her neighborhood a lot when she was a teenager. Babysitting is awesome! Thanks for reading.


cJ said...

Good job Abby. I think that you covered everything. Good thinking about the allergy issue.


Linc. said...

Hey, Ab--

That's a good set of recommendations about the responsibilities of baby sitting.

I know you'll enjoy sitting when you start in a couple of years. I guess you'll officially be a teenager then.

I like the way you collected ideas in paragraphs. That made your narrative easy to read.

Keep up the good writing. Writing is a skill that's very useful no matter what you occupation you have.

Much love.

YeYe F.

The Dukes said...

This is great! You will be an awesome babysitter, Abby, because you love kids and you are so aware of the great responsibility involved in taking care of someone else's children!

Something else that our best babysitters are good at is calming kids down. The babysitters that Ian and Henry are most comfortable with are the ones that can help them recover if they are upset when we leave, or if something upsets them, hurts them or frightens them while we are away. Hugs, snuggles, reassuring words and distraction go a long way towards helping young kids feel at ease with someone other than their parent. You'll do great!!

Aunt Marha said...

Hi Abby:

I can tell you have put a lot of thought into this blog. I think you are really ready to start babysitting! You have thought about all the problems that may occur and what you should do about them. I don't think I ever thought about these things when I was babysitting as a teen. (Which was a long time ago!)

If a problem ever does occur, you will be ready to deal with it!

I never had any problems when I babysat anybody, but you never know!

Aunt Martha

shellh said...

Great Job Abby. You covered everything even things I didn't think about. I used to babysit all the time when I was growing up to earn money for things. Too bad you don't live closer to us in 2 years Natalie would be 6 and I would be able to hire you to babysit your cousin.