Monday, July 6, 2009

Having Fun This Summer

This summer I have been doing a lot of fun things. My Grandma and Grandpa were here for four weeks and they did most of the things with us.

We went to the zoo with Sabrina, Christy, Grandma, Grandpa and my mom. I fed the lorikeets. We had a cup and it had nectar in it and we fed it to the birds. When one was getting a drink, another one wanted to get a drink and he accidentally bit me.

We also went to the farm. At the farm there was a calf and two piglets. We also saw two cats in the farm house.

We went to the Bucksnort Saloon for lunch and on the way home we saw a beaver lodge.

I also played with my friend Sabrina at her house on July 4th. We first played in our swimming suits outside and we blew up water balloons and played catch. Then we played brother and sister and then we ate some steak for dinner. After dinner we watched High School Musical 3 until we got to see the fireworks.

One day Merrick and his mom came over to play. His mom worked with my mom at school. Here are some pictures of him sleeping and and laying on his stomach.

My friends are Dane, Sydney, Austin, Travis, Ian and Skylar. They live in my neighborhood. We play baseball, basketball, soccer, hide and go seek tag, and Wii. I play with them every day.

We also went to the Wildlife Experience and we saw Globeology. It is where you see places from all around the world. One night we went to Trail Dust Steakhouse for dinner and I went down the big slide that they have.


mrsdurff said...

Some kids have all the fun!

YeYe F. said...

You certainly have been busy this summer! We don't have nearly as many things to do in Lexington, so you can rest up a bit when you are here next week. We think we might visit the Horse Park and perhaps have breakfast at the track kitchen at Keeneland race course. If we get to the kitchen early enough we might see some jockeys and exercise riders and then watch them taking their horses for workouts and time trials.

--YeYe F.

Aunt Martha said...

Hi Abby:

I know that you have been really busy this summer. I have been waiting for you to post some pictures.

I don't have a zoo around here to go to and I really like zoos.

Beaver lodges are neat. They sure do a lot of work to make them.

In a couple of days you will see my 8 cats. I hope they don't hide while you are visiting me.

Have you been thinking about where we should eat lunch while you are here?

See you soon,

Aunt Martha

Sadhna said...

Dear Abby,

You have added a lot of posts since the last time I looked at your blog! We are all so excited about seeing you when you come to Lexington. Sounds like you've had a great summer so far. Thanks for all of the great photos!


Anonymous said...

Hi Abby!

Wow, it looks like you are having a great summer. You are very busy...I am going to school so I am busy too. Next week my family and I are going to California for 10 days. It should be a lot of fun. We are going to visit Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, and Golden Gate State Park. Enjoy your week. Talk to you soon.

Ms. Marci