Sunday, March 1, 2009

Blowing Out the Candles on Skype

We went out to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes and when we got home we Skyped both of my grandma and grandpas so they could help my Mommy and Daddy sing happy birthday to me and watch me blow out the candles on my birthday cake.


Aunt Martha said...

That was neat that you could use Skype to let the grandparents see you blowing out your candles on the cake. It makes it much more fun.

What kind of cake was it?

I ate too much dinner tonight to have any cake. I did have a piece of chocolate cake with chocolate icing last night for dessert.

Aunt Martha

MaKayla said...

Happy Birthday Abby! I can't believe you're already 9 years old. Can that be right?! I suppose so. You are so responsible and mature. I hope you had a truly great day. You deserve it! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. I showed Merrick too! Love, Ms. MaKayla

Dan Riley said...

Happy birthday Abby!! Wish I could use skype. I hope everyone is feeling better. And don't worry about CSAP, I tell Sabrina it is like a measuring stick or measuring cup for your brain. Like a measuring stick for your height, CSAP measure how much your brain has grown. And like a measuring cup to make sure you don't put too much of any ingredient into your cake mix, CSAP shows how much of school subjects are already in your brain and how much more the teachers and parents need to put into your brain(teaching). This will allow us to bake just the right brain cake for you. :)