Friday, January 3, 2014

Our Trip

These are some pictures of our trip. It was really fun for to see my family.

My cousin

My  cousin and his aunt (my mom)

Holding my cousin

My cousin and his uncle (my dad)

Helping my cousin open presents

Holding my cousin

Holding my cousin

All 3 cousins

All 3 cousins

My cousin reading a book with  her aunt (my mom)

My aunt holding my cousin

My cousin playing on her aunt's ipad (my mom)

My cousin with my grandma and uncle (my dad)

Close up of my cousin

This is the updated version of a  previous Fisch family picture

My cousin with his aunt ( my mom)


Durff said...

Great looking family! Best wishes to the entire family for a joyous and prosperous 2014 !

Aunt Martha said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. I have not downloaded my pictures yet. You had a great time with Mara and Barrett!

Aunt Martha