Monday, August 19, 2013

My profile update

I am 13 and just started eighth grade it's fun but a lot of work. They are trying to get you rady for high school but its not that much work. Do you guys think that dogs are just boys best friends or do you think that dogs are everybody best friend?


Kay said...

Good morning Abby,

WOW! It is unbelievable that you have started eighth grade. Enjoy your remaining time in middle school before you know it you will be entering high school. Study hard but also have fun.
I feel that dogs are not only a boy’s best friend but they can be a best friend to everyone. I remember you blogging about your dog Annie and how you enjoyed being with her.
I am heading out to school to finish getting the library ready for the start of school. Our student will return the day after Labor Day and I am very excited to see everyone.

Enjoy your day,
Mrs. Kathleen Burgess

Durff said...

You are going to be awesome this year! I look for great things in you!!

Aunt Martha said...

I hope you have a great school year.

I think that dogs are everybody's best friend--unless you are a cat person like me--then cats are my best friends. Or if you are Grandma F. who doesn't like dogs or cats.(LOL)